Therapy Café® Podcast

This podcast is for new and aspiring mental health therapists and focuses on helping you maximize your impact in the world. Join us as we take a deep-dive into topics that challenge us and enhance our ability to serve others as well as care for ourselves. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Kathleen Tallent, clinical psychologist, and includes interviews with experts and first-hand accounts of those with lived experience of mental illness to shed light on current issues and solutions. We strive to apply psychological research to solve real-world problems, "think outside the box" when it comes to mental health, and expand upon what you've learned in the classroom to bring about lasting change in your community. Topics include engaging underserved populations, reducing the stigma of mental illness, holistic approaches, and how to care for ourselves so we can show up for clients and be our authentic selves. If you consider yourself a "social justice warrior" who is passionate about helping those with mental health challenges, this podcast is for you! In Season 1, we focus on the mental health issues facing first responders and how to work with them effectively.


This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.