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Therapy as a Christian

Therapy as a Christian Podcast is a show for all things mental health and Christ. We discuss how therapy can aid in helping us healing from our past and how God can assist us in that effort. We will discuss different topics, interviews, and reflection sessions from the host, Roslyn Rene, own therapy sessions.


How to walk through the ups and downs of purpose + Dr. Sharla Walker
Show Details30min 1s
How to deal with Mother/Daughter Trauma + Dr. Sharla Walker, Part II
Show Details45min 49s
How to deal with mother/Daughter Trauma + Dr. Sharla Walker
Show Details43min 56s
The importance of being vulnerable with God #repentance
Show Details33min 57s
The #1 one thing you can do to help your faith
Show Details24min 31s
167: How to manage negative emotions (Part III)
Show Details35min 52s
What is avoidance coping? (Part II)
Show Details32min 2s
Bonus: What I've learned about prayer
Show Details11min 56s
How to manage negative emotions (Part I)
Show Details31min 20s
Bonus: How I weekly and bi-daily plan
Show Details10min 2s
165. What you need to know about tough seasons
Show Details42min 42s
164. How attachment impacts our mental health faith? (Part III)
Show Details43min 37s
163. How attachment impacts our mental health + faith (Part II)
Show Details39min 27s
162: How attachment impacts our mental health and faith
Show Details36min 56s
161: How to navigate seasons of suffering + Life Update
Show Details37min 17s
160: Money Mindset (Part II)
Show Details41min 11s
159: Money Mindset + Raevyn (Part I)
Show Details46min 3s
158: How to stay grounded as you grow + Tatum Temia
Show Details45min 34s
157: Financial Health + Tiffany (Part II)
Show Details52min 40s
156: Financial Health + Debt with Tiffany Burns
Show Details47min 10s
155: How to maintain your faith while healing
Show Details32min 33s
154: Depression, What is it + Tips to work through it (Mental Health Awareness Month)
Show Details32min 42s
153: Anxiety, What is it + Tips to Help (Mental Health Awareness Month)
Show Details40min 33s
152: Mental Health + ADHD
Show Details35min 6s
151: How you can do more about your Mental Health (Mental Health Awareness Month)
Show Details38min 59s
150: Dangers of the Mind (Part II) + Kristen
Show Details57min 7s
149: Dangers of the Mind + Kristen Hopkins
Show Details30min 24s
148: Emotional Eating + Gabbi
Show Details46min 37s
147: BONUS #2, Worry doesn't add time to your day
Show Details7min 7s
145: How to deal with grieving a friendship/communication (Part 2)
Show Details20min 44s
146: BONUS #1: Uncertainty will be present
Show Details3min 58s
144: How to deal with Grieving a Friendship (Part 1)
Show Details27min 59s
143: 143. Dealing with Grief + Kiara
Show Details44min 47s
142: 142. 3 Reasons Why Spending Time with God is Important
Show Details26min 50s
141: 141. How to learn how to have more balance
Show Details21min 12s
140: 140: 5 reasons why planning ahead is valuable
Show Details21min 40s
139: Episode 139: 7 Reasons Why Most of Us Don't Follow Through
Show Details36min 14s
138: Episode 138: How to know if you're procrastinating
Show Details32min 22s
137: Episode 137: How to know if you're self-sabotaging
Show Details25min 32s
136: Episode 136: How to approach the New Year differently
Show Details29min 2s
135: Episode 135: How To Be Creative and Live for God + Thamicha
Show Details54min 38s
134: Episode 134: When trials test your calling + Richelle
Show Details1hr 11min
133: Episode 133: How to Process Your Feelings Through Tough Seasons + Ashley & Sha
Show Details1hr 5min
132: Episode 132: How to not be a superwomen + Tahauya
Show Details50min 29s
131: Episode 131: How to overcome religion and execute on God’s plan + Kolanda
Show Details55min 23s
130: Episode 130: "How to Heal while Parenting + Jasmine Chanelle"
Show Details51min 13s
129: Episode 129: Social Media + Mental Health - Using with Wisdom
Show Details25min 19s
128: Episode 128: Social Media + Mental Health Part III, Learning vs Self-criticism
Show Details45min 8s
127: Episode 127: Social Media + Mental Health -How to take a break
Show Details21min 3s
126: Episode 126: Social Media + Mental Health: Inspiration vs. Insecurity !
Show Details29min 29s
124: Episode 124: How to practically give yourself grace
Show Details36min 1s
123: Episode 123: Why Self-Sabotage impacts your productivity and rest
Show Details31min 7s
122: Episode 122: Why testing is necessary
Show Details11min 9s
121: Episode 121 Part 2: How to Deal With Trauma From Your Mom with Sharla Walker!
Show Details44min 38s
120: Episode 120: Part 1: How to Deal With Trauma From Your Mom with Sharla Walker!
Show Details42min 35s
119: Episode 119: How to spend time with God
Show Details32min 34s
118: Episode 118: How to Navigate the In-Between to Vision!
Show Details32min 6s
117: Episode 117: How to Navigate Disappointment
Show Details30min 7s
116: Episode 116: The Truth Behind Procrastination!
Show Details21min 2s
115: Episode 115: There is never a perfect time to start
Show Details31min 2s
114: Episode 114: How to Emotionally Handle Discovering Purpose!
Show Details29min 7s
113: Episode 113: Friendships!
Show Details49min 36s
112: Episode 112: Favor is a Gift!
Show Details16min 7s
111: Episode 111: Self-Criticism vs Self Evaluation
Show Details18min 27s
110: Episode 110: How to not manipulate a trial season
Show Details20min 18s
109: Episode 109: Celibacy + Sexual Trauma featuring Alona Armour
Show Details49min 48s
108: Episode 108: The Research Behind Why Faith is Valuable in Therapy with Dr. Oxhandler
Show Details52min 19s
107: Episode 107: How to Recognize You May Have Depression + Ways to Help
Show Details30min 6s
106: Episode 106: How to Recognize You May Have anxiety + Tips to Help
Show Details37min 54s
105: Episode 105: What is Mental Health?
Show Details22min 18s
104: Episode 104: How to Build a Relationship With God
Show Details52min 58s
103: Episode 103: How to Get Control of Your Eating, Health and Stress! + Gabbi
Show Details46min 6s
102: 102. What are limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them
Show Details32min
101: 101. Why Your Mental Health Matters to God
Show Details34min 29s
100: 100. How trauma can impact how we show up in our business
Show Details33min 40s
99: 99. How to Overcome Not Feeling Like You Are Enough
Show Details51min 12s
98: 98. 3 Misconceptions about Therapy
Show Details38min 11s
97: 4 Reasons You Should Start Therapy
Show Details23min 35s
96: 96. Pivoting in different life transitions
Show Details1hr 2min
95: 95. Healing From An Old Mindset With God + Destanee
Show Details1hr 6min
94: 94. Singleness and Loving God at a Young Age + Chynna
Show Details59min 30s
93: Mommy Series: Parenting, Single Motherhood, and Therapy + Tarekia
Show Details47min 24s
92: Mommy Series: Marriage and Mental Health + Karlisa
Show Details52min 44s
91: Mommy Series: All about Single Motherhood + Margaret Cowan
Show Details1hr 2min
90: Mommy Series: Postpartum depression/anxiety + Allyson
Show Details1hr 11min
89: Mommy Series - Coparenting and dating as a single mom + Elysha
Show Details54min 47s
88: Mommy Series (Part I): You need a doula + Kaila Matthews
Show Details1hr 12min
87: How self care can help with depression & anxiety + Courtney Porter, LCSW
Show Details50min 23s
86: Healing from Sexual Assault and Childhood Trauma + Melena
Show Details1hr 4min
85: How to cultivate your ground + Keanna (Part II)
Show Details32min 21s
84: How to cultivate your ground + Keanna Price (Part I)
Show Details41min 26s
83: How to overcome Spiritual Apathy (Part II)
Show Details35min 21s
82: How to overcome Spiritual Apathy
Show Details41min 58s
81: My Entrepreneur Story
Show Details45min 23s
80: Entrepreneurs in Therapy - Part VIII - Ty Jones (Part II)
Show Details34min 57s
79: Entrepreneurs in Therapy (Part VII) - Ty Jones (Part I)
Show Details43min 40s
78: Entrepreneurs in Therapy - (Part VI) - Jasmine Chanelle
Show Details56min 22s
77: Entrepreneurs in Therapy (Part V)- Latisha Carr (Part II)
Show Details39min 1s
76: Entrepreneurs in Therapy (Part IV) - Latisha Carr (Part I)
Show Details39min 24s
75: Entrepreneurs in Therapy (Part III) + Janay Roberson
Show Details1hr 2min
74: Entrepreneurs in Therapy (Part II) + Felicia Jarrell
Show Details46min 37s
73: Entrepreneurs in Therapy + Zii Davis
Show Details1hr 5min
72: Surviving Suicide + T-Kea Blackman
Show Details55min 41s
71: How to overcome rejection + Charm Lewis, LCSW
Show Details1hr 5min
70: How to trust God in a tough season
Show Details44min 25s
69: How to stop procrastinating
Show Details38min 56s
68: Your purpose is too expensive!
Show Details46min 1s
67: How to have healthy boundaries
Show Details30min 29s
66: How to approach God as Father
Show Details33min 19s
65 - How to eliminate limiting thoughts/beliefs
Show Details28min 31s
64: You are loveable/One moment
Show Details33min 58s
63: I went back to therapy (Part I)
Show Details30min 19s
62: Religionship vs. Relationship with God + Felica Thomas
Show Details52min 50s
61- I haven't been on fire so here's what I'm doing
Show Details37min 23s
60 - Overcoming Addiction with God with Chandra Lashae
Show Details50min 8s
59- How I've been dealing with some anxiety
Show Details34min 53s
58: How to run with God's vision even when it doesn't make sense
Show Details40min 16s
57: How to move past comparison
Show Details37min 2s
56: How to create a morning routine during a pandemic
Show Details32min 31s
55: How to express your feelings
Show Details33min 53s
54: Money March (Part V) - Danielle Bailey, LCSW
Show Details41min 25s
53: Money March IV + Danielle Bailey, LCSW
Show Details36min 50s
52: Money March (Part III) + Danielle Bailey, LCSW
Show Details46min 21s
51: Money March (Part II) + Danielle Bailey, LCSW
Show Details50min 57s
50: Money March (Part I) + Danielle Bailey, LCSW
Show Details49min 25s
49: How to self-care + Interview with Ari Smith (Let's Bloom Together)
Show Details59min 8s
48: How to forgive others
Show Details40min
47: Your Work is Your Worship
Show Details44min 4s
46: How to be consistent with God
Show Details43min 48s
45: Obedience saved my life + Janay Roberson
Show Details58min 51s
44: How to not hesitate with your healing
Show Details26min 11s
43: Rightful Place
Show Details41min 7s
42: Shift
Show Details45min 46s
41: LIVE SERIES + Interview with Sharnika Thomas
Show Details1hr 11min
40: LIVE SERIES + Interview with Janee McClain
Show Details44min 29s
39: LIVE SERIES + Interview with De'Avila Bennett, LCSW, LSSW
Show Details48min 51s
38: Therapy as a Christian Live Series- Part II
Show Details53min 39s
37: Therapy as a Christian Live Series- Part I
Show Details53min 4s
Show Details50min 5s
35: Social Media Detox
Show Details49min 37s
34: Self-Esteem/Worthiness (Part II)
Show Details47min 19s
33: Self Esteem/Worthiness
Show Details44min 28s
32: Power of Accountability- Other Side of Therapy (Part IV)
Show Details41min 20s
31: Dealing with Rejection, Interview with Mrs. Charm Lewis
Show Details59min 48s
30: Attacks of the Mind
Show Details48min 9s
29: Other Side of Therapy (Part II)-Core Belief/Identity
Show Details40min 28s
28: The Other Side of Therapy (Part I) What has shifted?
Show Details52min 22s
27: Celebration
Show Details52min 38s
26: Overwhelm
Show Details44min 38s
25: Managing Anxiety
Show Details45min 43s
24: Untrue Perception of God, Part II
Show Details45min 21s
23: Stewardship
Show Details45min 45s
[Bonus Episode] God's message, my heart was heavy
Show Details42min 38s
22: Friendships, Interview with Lauren Person
Show Details52min 5s
21: Contentment During Tough Seasons
Show Details37min 33s
20: Overcoming Shame, (Part III)
Show Details1hr 2min
19: Shame, Story Time (Part II)
Show Details41min 31s
18: Shame's Power, God's Forgiveness (Part I)
Show Details56min 8s
17: "God told me, 'You need to go to therapy.'" + Interview with Ashley Na'Trice
Show Details59min 55s
16: What is priority in your life? + Time Management
Show Details55min 29s
15: The Cost of Healing
Show Details54min 13s
14: Childhood Trauma + Interview with Charm Lewis, LCSW-C
Show Details51min 15s
13: Review of A Night in the Wild with Sarah Jakes Roberts
Show Details52min 42s
12: "Seeking therapy is very Biblical" + Interview with Brittany Walsh
Show Details55min 11s
11: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT + Just go for it!
Show Details26min 21s
10: Quiet time with God + Tips to build your routine (Part II)
Show Details35min 36s
09: Quiet time with God/How to be consistent? (Part I)
Show Details34min 23s
08: Journey Not The Destination
Show Details30min 58s
07: Word of Encouragement
Show Details43min 25s
06: How to find a therapist? + Tips and Resources (Part II)
Show Details52min 17s
05: How do I know if I need a therapist? (Part I)
Show Details47min 13s
04: 2018 Reflection
Show Details54min 29s
03: In Therapy-My Untrue Perception of God
Show Details34min 38s
02: 5 Ways Therapy Helped Me Find God
Show Details35min 48s
01: What is Therapy as a Christian?
Show Details19min 16s