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The Play Leadership Coaching

We produce a Podcast that offers Leadership, Management, and Lifestyle Coaching for the future stars of business.

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Exclusive Episode 2 - Avoid This Fatal Flaw
Show Details20min 50s
The Play Rule 8 - Find Your Inspiration
Show Details20min 50s
The Play Rule 7 - Compare Yourself to Upper Percentile
Show Details18min 42s
Exclusive Episode 1 - Why Did I Create This Podcast?
Show Details19min 3s
The Play Rule 6 - Procedure vs. Execution
Show Details19min 11s
The Play Rule 5 - Be a Problem Solver Not Simply a Problem Identifier
Show Details17min 8s
The Play Rule 4 - Timeliness and Accuracy of Response
Show Details23min 10s
The Play Rule 3 - Give Digestible Data
Show Details15min 11s
The Play Rule 2 - Don't Make Assumptions - Inspect
Show Details14min 28s
The Play Rule 1 - Life's Not Fair
Show Details6min 33s