[Ep #20] Discipleship: The Great Commission (pt 1)

Episode 20
1h 24m | Feb 7, 2021

Is the Great Commission that the Lord gave His Apostles after His resurrection for us today? This question may seem a bit strange (or even shocking), but the more we study the Bible in its proper context, the more we need to clarify things like this.

So, what's the problem with the Great Commission and us today in the Church Age? The Great Commission was specifically given to Israel at another time (another Age), under another dispensation (i.e., within the context of another stewardship that God "dispensed" to other stewards; specifically, to Israel).

So we need to spend a little time with the Great Commission to establish its biblical, chronological, and cumulative context in the progressive revelation of Scripture. That way we can avoid twisting Scripture like some unlearned and ignorant Bible students.

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