[Ep #24] What is the Bible? - Part 1: Two Testaments

Episode 24
1h 7m | Feb 28, 2021

Seriously. What is the Bible? We read the Bible. We study the Bible. We say we "love" the Bible. But what is it? Have you ever taken a step back from all the details in the Bible to ask yourself that question? 

What is the "formal character" of the Bible--its "nature." What is it?

- Is it a religious book? 

- Is it a history book? 

- Is it a self-help book ("chicken soup for your soul")?

- Is it a love letter? 

- Is it a book of Jewish myths and maxims? 

We are going to answer this question in three parts, and the first part is this one... Our topic of study in this lesson: The Bible is a covenant corpus. Why? Because that's its very nature!

[This episode forms part of the MOADiS, also referred to by some as TCD...]

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