[Ep #21] Discipleship: The Great Commission (pt 2)

Episode 21
1h 13m | Feb 10, 2021

The Lord gave the Great Commission before Israel's rejection of the Kingdom in Acts 7. He gave the Great Commission before the transition of Acts 8-28 (the transition from Israel to the Church; from Jews to Gentiles). The Great Commission, as given at the end of the Gospels and at the beginning of Acts, is (without a doubt) Jewish in nature (i.e., doctrinally focused on God's "kingdom program" for Israel).

However, after the rejection and after the transition... the Lord did not give a new Commission to the Apostle Paul for us during the Church Age. Rather, through Paul, the Lord simply "adapted" the Great Commission that He originally gave to the Apostles prior to his ascension.

In this episode we take a look at the five Great Commission passages and we see how each essential element of the Great Commission is repeated and communicated through Paul's ministry and his Epistles.

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