The OG PotCast with Adam Ill ft. Biqtch Puddin

1h 20m | Oct 6, 2023

In This episode of "Getting High With" show, highest host Adam iLL welcomes Emmy Nominated make up artist, Dragula winner, twitch partner, gaymer and cool ass bitch, Biqtch Puddin

We had an awesome conversation and learned a lot. From playing first video games on PlayStation to painting faces across the nation. How attending a university to pursue art turned into winning a reality TV show using art.

So, sit back with your favorite products, listen to the ebonies and ivories getting tickled by Kentron. relax, and let's get higher.

Thanks to Apothecary420 Sherman Oaks for keeping us lit and the Crown OG in my blunt.

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The OG Potcast with Adam Ill