The OG PotCast with Adam Ill ft. Lance H. Blackleaf

1h 41m | Jan 31, 2024

In this episode of the Getting High with Show, Adam Ill sits down with grower, breeder, geneticist, marketer, entrepotneur, co-host of "First Smoke of the Day" and the visionary owner of Blackleaf, Lance H. Join the conversation as they explore the ins and outs of the cannabis industry, sharing insights, stories, and a few toke-worthy moments. From the roots of Blackleaf to Lance's experiences as a co-host, this episode offers a unique perspective on the cannabis culture. Get ready for an engaging journey that goes beyond the smoke, uncovering the passion and innovation that define Lance's impact on the cannabis community. 

So, sit back with your favorite products, listen to the ebonies and ivories getting tickled by Kentron, relax, and lets get higher.

Thank you Apothecary Sherman Oaks for keeping us lit.

MJarsenal for the glass.

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Getting High With Show Potcast hosted by Adam Ill