The OG PotCast with Adam Ill ft. Trapzillas Adolfo Salazar

1h 42m | Jan 18, 2024

In this episode of the "Getting High With" show, highest host Adam iLL welcomes Grammy-nominated producer, Writer, DJ, Activist, Father, social media stirrer, friend and very opinionated cannabis OG Adolfo Salazar Trapzilla

We had captivating conversations with Trap from his early life in the valley growing up in a Latin family to DJing around the world and working with and helping some of the most influential young artists in the industry. We covered many topics people don't like talking about and experienced many emotions. This exclusive conversation goes beyond the usual, with insights into the music industry, cannabis culture, and the art of balancing both. Get ready for a laid-back yet eye-opening session, where two industry giants connect over beats, buds, and beyond! 🎶🌿✨

So, sit back with your favorite products, listen to the ebonies and ivories getting tickled by Kentron, relax, and lets get higher.

Thank you Apothecary Sherman Oaks for keeping us lit.

MJarsenal for the glass.

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Getting High With Show Potcast hosted by Adam Ill