The OG PotCast with Adam Ill ft. Elliot Lewis Catalyst CEO

1h 25m | Aug 23, 2023

In this episode of the "Getting High With" show, highest host Adam iLL welcomes the outspoken, passionate, and some say controversial, CEO of Catalyst, Elliot Lewis.

One of the most interesting and fun conversations we've had on the Versace Espresso Glider Recliners. We covered many topics from the beginnings growing up in LBC and how he became a long hair Birkenstock wearing hippie to the house flipping, weed growing, black market duffle bag boy. Yes, we even spoke about the city council meetings and law suits. Weed For the People.

So, sit back with your favorite products, listen to the ebonies and ivories getting tickled by kentron, relax, and lets get higher.

Thank you Apothecary Sherman Oaks for keeping us lit.

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Elliot IG @catalyst_ceo

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The OG Potcast with Adam Ill