The OG PotCast with Adam Ill ft. Hansel Aquino

1h 31m | Jan 26, 2024

In this episode of the Getting High With show Adam Ill chills with not just an MMA fighter, but a cancer survivor, devoted dog dad, content creator and just a chill ass funny nice dude.

In this raw and unfiltered conversation, they delve into Hansel's inspiring journey, from growing up in a religious Latin home training all day to overcoming life's toughest challenges. Discover the heartwarming stories behind Hansel's love for his furry friends and how he channels his warrior spirit into creating impactful content. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions and resilience, as two worlds collide in a candid chat about life's victories and the strength found in unlikely places.

So, sit back with your favorite products, listen to the ebonies and ivories getting tickled by Kentron, relax, and lets get higher.

Thank you Apothecary Sherman Oaks for keeping us lit.

MJarsenal for the glass.

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Getting High With Show Potcast hosted by Adam Ill