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The Millionheirs Podcast

How do I create multiple streams of active and passive income? How can I monetize my influence? What tools, tips, or resources will help me take my business to the next level? Am I capable of being an entrepreneur and scaling my business to millions? And the cherry on top.. how can I develop my mindset and business practices to shift into the life and the time freedom that I desire?

Welcome to the Millionheirs Podcast where we will tackle these burning questions, while providing insight into the journey's of budding entreprenuers and successful business owners. Your host Lexi Jasmine, a college student turned full-time entrepreneur, shares personal insight on strategies, tips, and life hacks that will help YOU turn your passion into a profitable paycheck through online courses, marketing that converts, social media and content creation, coaching, investing, membership sites and more! What Lexi doesn't know, she finds out by aligning herself with knowledgeable business owners who have positioned themselves as experts in their respective fields.

Become more productive in your business and gain a friend and coach in your new favorite online mentor, Lexi Jasmine. There is no better time than now to take the leap of faith and go for your goals. We are all heirs to MILLIONS... will you claim what's rightfully yours?

Are you in? Let's be business besties and create wealth together. Subscribe to this podcast to elevate your circle and elevate your life.

Your Fave Online Mentor, Lexi J.



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