The Good Talks Pod with Gil Gomez and George Tristan

Two long-time friends chatting about anything and everything. From sports, to music, entertainment and beyond. The limits are endless. Come for the good talks. Stay for the good laughs.


Best Dessert- Thanksgiving Edition (ft. Britt Tristan)
Show Details53min 24s
Best Thanksgiving Side Dish (ft. Marilla Lummus)
Show Details56min 39s
Flakier Than A Toaster Strudel
Show Details38min 50s
Gucci DiNucci (ft. Joe Wilmot)
Show Details54min 16s
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Show Details39min 54s
You Play To Win The Game
Show Details35min 30s
Daaaa Jankees Lose
Show Details37min 43s
The Jockstrap King
Show Details36min 20s
Let Russ Cook (Ft. Tyler Fletcher)
Show Details35min 31s
Chicken and Macaroni, Chillin' With My Homies
Show Details33min 1s
Sorry, Go Ahead
Show Details35min 27s
Up, Up, and Away!
Show Details31min 26s
Check Your Chickens, Check Your Mentals.
Show Details33min 1s
The Unwritten Rules
Show Details35min 49s
Hot Mess Express?
Show Details35min 19s
Does This Make Us, Swifties?
Show Details31min 24s
No Bubble...Mo' Trouble
Show Details33min 34s