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The Fatherhood Challenge Podcast

The Fatherhood Challenge is a movement dedicated to encouraging fathers to engage with their children and educate society on the positive impact involved fathers have on their communities and society from generation to generation.


Baby Boo-Boos
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The New Daddy Experience
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Dads and Birth Trauma
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Now I Am Known
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Midlife Crisis to Sage
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Chris Bruno talks about his book, Sage, A Man's Guide into His Second Passage. He also talks to Fathers about the dreaded midlife crisis and why so many men approach it as an attempt to reclaim their relevance in life. Chris explains that instead of seeing mid life as a bad thing, it is actually the point where we can become a sage if we choose to, In this episode he explains why and how a father arrives at his purpose as a sage finding the ultimate fulfillment and meaning in life.

You can purchase Sage here:

Man Maker Project

Restory by Restoration Counseling:

Restoration Project

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27min 53s
Published Aug 23, 2022 at 1:00pm
Letters from a Father
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The Book of Moments
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Dads and Touch
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Knowing Who You Are
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Healing Dads With Trauma
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Sleep Deprivation and New Dads
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Why Dads Are Essential in the Early Years
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Your Marriage Through Child Development
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An App for New Dads
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Fatherhood and the Military
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Dads and Substance Abuse
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Choosing To Be Present (Part 2)
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Choosing To Be Present (Part 1)
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Troubled Kids Are Grieving Kids (Part 2)
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Troubled Kids Are Grieving Kids (Part 1)
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Abuser or Protector
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The War No One Is Talking About
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Dads's Leaving a Legacy
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The Biggest Threat to Fathers (Part 2)
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The Biggest Threat to Fathers (Part 1)
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Who Are You? (Part 2)
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Who Are You? (Part 1)
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Faith of Our Fathers
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Fatherless to Fatherhood
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Stable Marriages, Stable Families, Stable Kids – With Pastor Mike Tucker
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From Abandonment to Drugs, a Father's Story (Part 2)
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From Abandonment to Drugs, a Father's Story (Part 1)
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Fatherhood and the Barbershop with Ernest Harris
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A True Story About the Power of a Fathers Love With Joshua Hester
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A True Story Of Surrogate Fatherhood With Richard Bonjour
Show Details42min 33s
Engaged Fathers Matter - My Story
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Teach Your Kids To Enjoy the Outdoors With Matt Purdy
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Fathering a Type 1 Diabetic Child With Mike Schrock
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Raising Successful Children With Ed Dickerson
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Absent Fathers and Law Enforcement With Vince Snyder
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The History of Fatherhood
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An Introduction To The Fatherhood Challenge
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The Fatherhood Challenge Pilot
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