The Curious Cat Podcast

A podcast for curious people who ponder and wonder about all of lifes little mysteries and oddities. Join Sebastian Bowen and Zoe-Marie Castleman as they attempt to unravel the rumors and unpick the truth in a world of wierdness.


Stay Curious 03: The Curious Cats Questionable Quiz
Show Details33min 17s
Mystery: Who was the Real Mummy?
Show Details1hr
Stay Curious 02: Private Caller
Show Details23min 13s
Vanished: The Mystery of the Missing Keepers
Show Details1hr 20min
Stay Curious 01: The Package
Show Details7min 8s
NXIVM Exposed
Show Details1hr
A Very Royal Secret
Show Details1hr 3min
1518 The Dance of the Dead
Show Details55min
The Cecil Hotel - LA
Show Details1hr 5min