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The Berman Project

Discussing the music and musings of David Cloud Berman while working through grief, loss and mental wellness; one week at a time.


TBP016 - Trains Across the Sea
Show Details23min 25s
TBP015 - Introduction II
Show Details15min 27s
TBP014 - Bar Scene from Star Wars
Show Details20min 9s
TBP013 - Welcome to the House of the Bats
Show Details14min 6s
TBP012 - The Wild Palms
Show Details15min 44s
TBP011 - You Can't Trust it To Remain
Show Details16min 58s
TBP010 - West S.
Show Details18min 1s
TBP009 - The War in Apartment 1812
Show Details20min 52s
TBP008 - Jackson Nightz
Show Details20min 41s
TBP007 - I Love the Rights
Show Details18min 31s
TBP006 - Secret Knowledge of Back Roads
Show Details22min 34s
TBP005 - The Unchained Melody
Show Details14min 38s
TBP004 - SVM F.T. Troops
Show Details28min 9s
TBP003 - September 1999
Show Details19min 55s
TBP002 - The Walnut Falcon
Show Details26min 52s
TBP001 - Canada
Show Details18min 45s
TBP000 - Berman Tribute
Show Details53min 29s