Theatre 10:30

Theatre 10:30 was a Canadian Old Time Radio show. The date of the broadcast for the episodes is generally unknown. The shows are in the genres of horror, fantasy and mystery. It was a production of CBC Radio.


Theatre 10-30 (Trespassers Will Be Experimented O
Show Details27min 13s
Theatre 10-30 (Screaming Skull)
Show Details27min 34s
Theatre 10-30 (Dr McGregor & the Curious Bone)
Show Details25min 9s
Theatre 10-30 (Thing in the Hall)
Show Details25min 54s
Theatre 10-30 (Pedestrian)
Show Details25min 46s
Theatre 10-30 (Ghost Town Hermit) pilot ep
Show Details24min 44s
Theatre 10-30 (Windigoe)
Show Details24min 28s
Theatre 10-30 (Atlantis, the Lost Continent)
Show Details23min 17s