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The Zing Podcast

Five brotherly friends talk about random stuff. And by random, we mean random. And by meaning random, we mean made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision. Join Sam, Jacob, JJ, Brayden, and Payton on their path to become internet influencers. Support this podcast:


#7 | White Shirt Khaki Pants Guy | W/ Trent (Kinda)
Show Details40min 28s
#6 | Payton | With Alex Acker
Show Details1hr 5min
#5 | Payton, JJ, and Sam | Say Your Goodbyes and Your Hellos
Show Details1hr 9min
#4 | Payton and JJ | r/Paranormal to r/ProRevenge
Show Details45min 10s
#3 | Payton and JJ | With Ethan Brossard
Show Details1hr 8min
#2 | Payton, Jacob, and JJ | Our School
Show Details1hr 6min