Honor- Episode 121

Season 3 | Episode 122
1h 9m | Oct 12, 2023

Honor means many things: to hold in high respect, to adhere to moral standards and to follow through on obligations. All three meanings are personal development focal points. Join Ember Skeyez and I as we delve into this important concept.

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Ember Skeyez (M-ber Sky-z) born Britney Jones is a producer and entertainer with a background in Film, Comedy, Music, and Performance Arts. 

Her introduction to the industry was sparked by her desire to follow her dreams through music. On her journey she developed a love for all things creative and integrated her skillset of an artist with production. From there she her goal has been to create outlets and platforms for others to showcase their passions and follow their dreams. In addition to producing and entertaining she is also the founder of "Skeyez N' Starz", a nonprofit organization that utilizes media and performance arts for mental health awareness. 

Ember embodies the saying "If there's a will there is a way." Her initial thoughts of "What of...?" Has transitioned into a collection of works and resources that materializes into bondless opportunities.

To her credit she has worked as an actress in various plays by Vincent Victoria and Agnes Balka including: Hattie's Big Night, The Disappearance of Eartha Kitt, and Good Morning Heartache Goodbye; Film of her own and others: D.O.B, Candy 2, and Beyond the Vow.  She has also worked in casting for shows on MTV and A&E. 

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