Heartiness- Enjoy the Journey- Ch 8 audio Plenty of Guppies-Episode 111

33m | Feb 23, 2023

Audio Chapter 8 of Plenty of Guppies

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Click the link below for the whole ebook or paperback.-. Blurb below. 5***** on Goodreads 4.2 **** on Amazon

Day 395 on the best seller's list; currently #88 in Kindle- Native American Poetry

Zen Ase, a newly divorced 43 year old Southern woman wanted a fresh start. She'd heard there were plenty of fish to choose from in the modern dating pond. What she discovered were plenty of guppies. Exactly 101 of them!


The result? A provocative, transparent, raw and delightfully uncensored account of her experiences with the 101 men she encountered on her journey to find "the one". In Plenty of Guppies, Zen spills all the tea on dating psychology, relationships, and self-discovery, while giving readers a rare glimpse into the life of an award-winning artist and best-selling author. The book is an enlightening narrative that explores gender roles and identity outside of societal expectations.


Zen has written a refreshingly mature modern day epic of online dating, layering her personal story with erotic poetic verses and passionate prose that frame her journey toward rebuilding a life as a single woman and adjusting to both an empty nest and boomeranging children.


Zen Ase’s story is alternately poignant, hysterical, uplifting, shocking, and (at its heart), a real life example of the old adage "truth is stranger (and can be harder to believe) than fiction".


Plenty of Guppies is the book every adult who has loved, lost and lived to try again didn't know they needed and will effortlessly respond and relate to.

 The full book can be found on Amazon at the link below.

Prepare to lose yourself in the enchantingly unorthodox dating world of Zen Ase, best selling author of Zennurgize Your Life.

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