Screenwriting Success with Mark Sanderson

Season 1 | Episode 2
42m | Oct 26, 2021

In this episode, I sit down for coffee with Mark Sanderson. Aside from writing over fifteen produced screenplays, Mark is the author of the utterly brilliant, A Screenwriters Journey to Success, a book I devoured in one weekend last year, and which continues to inspire me today. In his book Mark takes you on a hike around Hollywood, sharing invaluable tales from the screenwriting trenches.

Words of Wisdom

Mark Sanderson... on the need for screenwriters to get out from behind our desks and bring real-world experiences to our writing: "I always say, writers, it's your job and duty to live amazing, adventurous lives, outside of your comfort zone, because these are things that you'll need to draw on."

Conversation Highlights & Links

  • [04:06] Growing up on Hollywood's backlot
  • [07:18] A commitment to craft
  • [11:05] Writing in La La Land - pencils, post-it's and places
  • [17:03] What's in a coffee ring? The accidental cartoon series.
  • [19:09] Seeking inspiration and escaping routine
  • [23:55] Just a kid with a dream... A Screenwriters Journey to Success
  • [27:30] 'The Insanity of us Dreamers'
  • [32:27] Collaborating remotely on '60 Seconds'
  • [38:55] Currently reading > Once Upon A Time in Hollywood: A Novel

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