The Writer's Toolkit

Paul Kalburgi takes you inside the writing rooms of his favourite playwrights and screenwriters, discovering how they approach their craft and exchanging tales from the trenches.

"In our daily battle with the blank page, we all have our quirks and habits. American screenwriter Dalton Trumbo famously wrote his work in the bathtub, while German playwright Friedrich Schiller is said to have kept rotten apples on his desk to maintain his creativity. While the focus of The Writer’s Toolkit book is writing craft, the podcast is all about the practice and process of writing. I’m curious to find out all about what a typical writing day looks for the writers I admire the most and how they stay motived in their pursuit of the final draft." - Paul Kalburgi

Paul is a playwright and screenwriter, and the author of The Writer's Toolkit, published by Nick Hern Books, London. Visit for information about his projects and writing workshops.


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