The Words Over Ice Show

The Words Over Ice Show is a conversational style podcast that discusses the relevant topics of today. Guests include professionals, athletes, musicians, business owners, industry personalities, authors, actors, artists, specialists, and more. With a mix of interviews and discussion episodes that cover a wide variety of topics, there is something for everyone. Host: Ray Co-Host: Jason


#54 - The Gift Giver - With Manna Dabholkar
Show Details54min 8s
#53 - The Road to Greatness - With Rafael Eliassen
Show Details49min 3s
#52 - Revenge of the Nerds
Show Details38min 40s
#51 - Leave the Kids Alone!
Show Details51min 12s
#50 - The Big 50! Milestones, Stray Bullets, & Sudden Death
Show Details48min 58s
#49 - Dancin In The Streets - With Kahlil Wonda
Show Details54min 47s
#48 - Secret Agent Man - With Andy Kay
Show Details43min 5s
#47 - Hoop Dreams - With Patrick Manifold
Show Details1hr
#46 - Free Spirit - With Danielle Mercurio
Show Details1hr 1min
#45 - Crazy Insane, or Insane Crazy? - With Andrea
Show Details1hr 5min
#44 - Follow The Leader - With Chris Molina
Show Details58min 45s
#43 - Diamonds, Racing, & Transgender Turtles
Show Details48min 28s
#42 - Weeze The Juice - With Jonny Juicer
Show Details1hr 16min
#41 - The Devil Wears Nada - With The Secular Club
Show Details1hr 2min
#40 - We Aint Afraid of No Ghost! - With Scott Lowther
Show Details53min 6s
#39 - Coffee is for Closers Pt. II - With Ray & Ali
Show Details49min 16s
#38 - Boys In Blue II - With Former Police Officer, Dan Slattery
Show Details44min 23s
#37 - Coffee is for Closers
Show Details45min 49s
#36 - The Boys in Blue
Show Details1hr 11min
#35 - Gut Check! With Dr. Bright
Show Details1hr
#34 - Financial Freedom Part 2, With TK King
Show Details49min 56s
#33 - Do You Believe??? With Ray, Jason, & Duke
Show Details48min 24s
#32 - From D.O.C. to C.E.O. With Casper Hill
Show Details55min 49s
#31 - Music Makes The World Go Round - With Comedian, El Smith
Show Details52min 10s
#30 - Food Science With Erin AKA @FoodScienceBabe
Show Details49min 14s
#29 - Ray & Jason Discuss Basketball With Frequently Flyer
Show Details48min 40s
#28 - Ray & Jason Talk Financial Freedom
Show Details41min 3s
#27 - Ray & Jason Discuss Borderline Personality Disorder With Andrea
Show Details1hr 13min
#26 - Ray & Matt Talk The Social Media Effect
Show Details47min 27s
#25 - Ray & Jason Talk With Poet, Shar'Rae Davis
Show Details35min 32s
#24 - Ray & Jason Talk Education
Show Details43min 16s
#23 - Ray & Jason Talk With Comedian, Ziggy Bryson
Show Details39min 8s
#22 - Ray & Jason Talk With Mike Shreddz
Show Details36min 53s
#21 - Ray & Jason Talk Sports with Darryl
Show Details45min 28s
#20 - Ray & Ali Talk Debt
Show Details34min 15s
Ray & Jason Talk Investing
Show Details40min 32s
Ray & Ali Talk
Show Details24min 21s
Ray Talks With The Unplugged Psychologist, Brad Marshall
Show Details48min 29s
Ray Talks Parenthood
Show Details40min 47s
Ray & Ali Talk
Show Details34min 18s
Ray & Matt Talk CBD and Kratom
Show Details24min 9s
Ray & Jason Talk A.I. Part II
Show Details35min 1s
Ray & Jason Talk with Cosmologist, and Astrophysicist Ariel Levy
Show Details37min 35s
Ray Talks With Eric Sean
Show Details51min 16s
Ray & Jason Talk 3/20/2019
Show Details36min 10s
Ray Talks With Transgender Woman, Josephine Juhl
Show Details53min 37s
Ray Talks with Nick Williams of CBD Luxe Life
Show Details39min 39s
Ray & Jason Talk
Show Details47min 50s