The Woods

The mysterious, the legendary, and the plain weird. Because you never know what you’ll find in The Woods.


A Creepy Quarantine Live Stream
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What do Zac Efron and Zak Bagans have in common?
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Ghost Riots
Show Details43min 21s
The MOST DANGEROUS game you will EVER play
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Is it neurological or the end of the world?
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The Aliens Have Spoken: They're Unimpressed
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If They Die, They Die
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Join The Club
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Spooky Season !
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Yes Queeeeen!
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Destroying Our Childhood, One Death At A Time
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I'm Too Young For This! : And Other Stories From The Gallows
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Ghost Stories With The Fam
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The Hitchhiker's Guide To Avoiding Serial Killers
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Red Coats and Peach Pits
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I've Got The Tea
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Must've Been Aliens
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Bonus Episode: Can Ghosts Get Horny?
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Chop Off My Toes Please
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Satan Bought Our Souls For 49¢
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What's Your Zodiac Sign??
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We Are Gonna Need A Drink After This...
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The World is Ending LOL!
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Spooky Castles and Sad Realtors
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YOU just got FISHED!!
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How to Catch a Unicorn
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Sorry to Bug You...
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A Real Doozy
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How to Summon a Demon: A Sandi and Shazne Story
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All Fun And Games Until Someone Dies
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Error: Belly Button Not Found
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Chocolates, Roses, Love, and... Murder?!?
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Dancing with the Devil
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Are You Afraid of The Dark?
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Our Rational Fear Of Monkeys
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Til Sanity Do Us Part
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Big Top Monstrosities
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Come All Ye Frightful
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The True North Strong and Spooky
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Wanna Start a Cult?
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Do You Ever Get That Feeling...?
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I'm With You
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The Number of The Beast
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"Wanna Play a Game?" "HELL NO!"
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Build Your Own Lake Monster
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Was It Murder? Or Just A Simulation?!
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My Husband Is Already Dead?!
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It's Fine, Because I'll Be Dead
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The Woods Podcast- Trailer
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