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The Witcher Lorecast: Netflix Shows, Video Games & Book Lore Explored

In just a few short months, this show has exploded to become the most popular Witcher podcast available and is in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally. Explore the world of lore behind the Witcher series. We pull together information from the books, games, and Netflix series to bring you everything there is to know about the world of The Witcher. Brought to you by Robots Radio, home of the Fallout Lorecast, Elder Scrolls Lorecast, Cyberpunk Lorecast, and many other high-quality and informative shows. Get awesome rewards & support the show: Watch live Mondays at 9pm ET: Advertise with us & business inquiries:


74: Witcher Bestiary: Basilisks
Show Details36min 49s
73: The Wise King Foltest
Show Details37min 38s
72: The History of the Kingdom of Temeria
Show Details42min 37s
71: Henry Cavill is Leaving The Witcher | Oct, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 4min
70: Bestiary: Alp Vampires
Show Details43min 55s
69: Bestiary: Godlings
Show Details35min 44s
68: Queen Meve's Story Part 3
Show Details34min 38s
67: Queen Meve's Story Pt. 2 (Geralt's Knighting)
Show Details45min 32s
66: We designed our own Witcher Schools | Sept, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details57min 57s
65: The Awesome Story of Queen Meve Pt. 1
Show Details44min 45s
64: The History of Rivia & Lyria
Show Details38min 11s
63: Bestiary: The Cockatrice
Show Details45min 39s
62: Fully Customizable Witchers | Aug, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details58min 59s
61: The Dwarves, Explained
Show Details47min 16s
60: The Dwarven Kingdom of Mahakam
Show Details43min 44s
59: The Aen Elle: Powerful Alien Elves
Show Details42min 30s
58: Bestiary: Griffins
Show Details39min 44s
57: Witcher 4's Villain | Patron Chat July, 2022
Show Details50min 46s
56: The Elves of the Continent, the Aen Seidhe
Show Details47min 49s
55: The Elven Homeland: Dol Blathanna
Show Details44min 59s
54: Witcher Bestiary: Sylvans
Show Details44min 5s
53: Two Dangerous Situations | Patron Chat June, 2022
Show Details55min 14s
52: King Demavend III - The Tactical Tyrant
Show Details53min 52s
51: The History of Aedern
Show Details43min 3s
50: Bestiary: Bruxa Vampires
Show Details53min 27s
49: Marry, Kill, well, you know...
Show Details1hr 2min
48: Bestiary: Kikimora
Show Details48min 41s
47: Stregobor, the Douche-Bag Wizard
Show Details49min 24s
46: Ban Ard - The Male Mages School
Show Details48min 46s
45: Bestiary: Cyclops
Show Details50min 20s
44: What would a Modern-Day Witcher Look Like? April, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details55min 20s
43: Sorceress Sabrina Glevissig of Kaedwen
Show Details46min 27s
42: Northern Kingdoms: Kaedwen
Show Details45min 51s
41: Bestiary: Trolls!
Show Details45min 39s
40: The Witcher 4 Predictions | March, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 6min
39: Bestiary: Fiends & Chorts + Witcher Game Announcement!
Show Details58min 2s
38: What is the Wild Hunt?
Show Details1hr 7min
37: The Witcher S2E8: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 5min
36: Yennifer vs Triss vs ??? | Patron Chat Feb, 2022
Show Details1hr 8min
35: The Witcher S2E7: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 8min
34: The Witcher S2E6: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 8min
33: The Witcher S2E5: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 10min
32: Which Show Monster Would You Fight? Patron Chat Jan, 2022
Show Details57min 38s
31: The Witcher S2E4: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 20min
30: The Witcher S2E3: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 16min
29: The Witcher S2E2: Breakdown & Impressions
Show Details1hr 6min
28: The Witcher S2E1: Breakdown & Book Comparison
Show Details1hr 11min
27: The Witcher Season 2: The Community's Thoughts - Patron Chat Dec, 2021
Show Details1hr 38min
26: The Witcher S2E1: Initial Impressions
Show Details1hr 19min
25: The Witcher Netflix Season 1: Ep 7 & 8 Recap
Show Details1hr
24: The Witcher Netflix Season 1: Ep 5 & 6 Recap
Show Details1hr 3min
23: Season 2 Predictions Patron Chat Nov, 2021
Show Details1hr 1min
22: The Witcher Netflix Season 1 Ep 4 Recap w/ Phil from Role to Cast
Show Details1hr 22min
21: The Witcher Netflix Season 1 Ep 3 Recap
Show Details58min 25s
20: The Witcher Netflix Season 1 Ep 1 & 2 Recap
Show Details1hr 26min
19: Even More Witcher Season 2 Details Revealed!
Show Details1hr 20min
18: Witcher Bestiary: The Leshen (or Leshy) w/ Ben of Temeria
Show Details1hr 18min
17: Witcher Bestiary: Werewolves
Show Details1hr 9min
16: Witcher Bestiary: Striga
Show Details59min 10s
15: Witcher Bestiary: Wraiths
Show Details1hr 5min
14: Hidden Details Revealed: Road to Season 2 Trailer w/ Ben of Temeria
Show Details1hr 33min
13: Behind the Character: Vesemir
Show Details1hr 7min
12: Behind the Character: Geralt of Rivia
Show Details58min 53s
11: Ben of Temeria, Patron Chat August, 2021
Show Details1hr 1min
10: The Witcher: NIghtmare of the Wolf Analysis
Show Details1hr 9min
09: The Schools of the Bear & Viper + Patreon Announcement!
Show Details58min 29s
08: Witcher Lore: The School of the Cat
Show Details53min 19s
07: Witcher Lore: The School of the Griffin w/ Cody Pondsmith from RTalsorian Games
Show Details1hr 6min
06: Witcher Lore: The School of the Wolf
Show Details1hr 7min
05: Witcher Lore: How to Make a Witcher
Show Details57min 48s
04: Witchercon 2021 Unpacked
Show Details1hr 12min
03: The Creation of Witchers (Part 1) & Witchercon Details
Show Details1hr 13min
02: History Before The Creation of The Witchers
Show Details1hr 3min
01: The Conjunction of the Spheres + Netflix Season 2 Secrets Revealed
Show Details1hr 6min