Ep #30 - Why do we choose success over happiness?

1h 2m | Aug 14, 2021

Is it easy to define what happiness is? Or what success is? Both are subjective and both are ever changing - yet, which is the more important one? Today, we have Rrahul (IG: @rrahultopiwala) with us to discuss why do people choose success over happiness. We talk about what happiness means to us - whether it is standup comedy or design or travel - and if we could prioritize these over our careers. We also talk about how a life chasing happiness would look like - both the good and bad sides of it. #podcast #podcastlife #happiness #success

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The Why Coordinate is a weekly podcast where we discuss the why behind human society and behavior. Following it up with lessons from pop culture and our own experiences to lead a more intentional, efficient and happy life. Hosted by Anagh Narain (Finance Bro and Technology Geek) and Akshita Saxena (Data Analyst and Travel Enthusiast).

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