• S1 Ep 4: Listen to this Episode... Good Girl!!

    ***All of our episodes will contain spoilers & potential triggers... consider yourself warned***

    **We also are not trying to give book reports here, so we apologize in advance if we get facts wrong when escribing books... don't worry, it will be fine**

    In this weeks episode, instead of talking about a specific book, we decided to talk about tropes. Specifically, Praise kink & Daddy kink! They kind of go hand in hand after all. We did end up talking about our favorite daddy and praise kink books (**cough cough** Sara Cate's Praise & Highest Bidder).

    We also talk a lot about... balls. And we come to terms with the fact that balls... are just balls in books.

    44m | May 22, 2023
  • S1 Ep 3: I Know Something You Don't...

    ***All of our episodes will contain spoilers & potential triggers... consider yourself warned***

    Sometimes, we just don't read the same books and that's OK. This week we discuss a book Lorelei has read and a series that Maggie has read. You won't be surprised to find out that Lorelei's book has spit scenes in it and Maggie's are MC books! We are nothing, if not predictable apparently.

    This week finds us discussing:

    In Dreams by Mila Crawford

    Tarnished Angels MC Series by Emma Slate

    ***sidenote: we are not experts at explaining details in books, so don't come at us if/when we get details wrong... our hearts are in it and that's all that matters.

    32m | May 15, 2023
  • S1 Ep 2: The Miles High Club Series by T.L. Swan

    ***All of our episodes will contain spoilers & potential triggers... consider yourself warned***

    This week we step out of the dark and into the world of the Miles brothers to discuss The Miles High Club series by TL Swan. These books are not dark, but they are amazing all the same. The Miles brothers (Jameson, Tristan, Elliot & Christopher) are all sassy and alpha and sexy... just the way we like them!

    Book 1: The Stopover

    Book 2. The Takeover

    Book 3: The Casanova

    Book 4: The Do-Over

    Miles Ever After Epilogue

    Also, stay tuned to the end of the episode where we introduce our very first rotating segmented piece: AKA (Also Known As) where we discuss all the different ways authors use to describe buttholes. Fair warning, this is a rabbit hole you won't want to miss.

    52m | May 8, 2023
  • S1 Ep 1: Sabotage by Shantel Tessier

    Listen as we discuss Sabotage by Shantel Tessier. This book is dark people, so read at your own risk. Tropes include: Step-brother, Enemies-to-lovers, mafia vibes, dark, dirty talk... This book could also contain triggers, so read responsibly.

    Be warned, while we don't give away the whole book, we also don't hold back when discussing it, so spoilers are a thing. If you don't want spoilers, read the book first and then come check it out. You won't regret it!

    38m | May 1, 2023
  • BONUS! Smutty Adventures: Dreaming Dirty in MI 2023

    We went on a trip to Ann Arbor for the annual Dreaming Dirty in Michigan book signing! It was our first time attending and we can't wait to go back next year! We got to meet one of our favorite authors as well as meet some new authors we can't wait to talk about in future episodes!

    28m | Apr 26, 2023
  • Introducing The Wet Spot

    Our first episode will be live soon!

    Join Lorelei & Maggie as we delve into the world of smut and all the naughtiness it has to offer!

    13m | Apr 20, 2023
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