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The Western Reviews Podcast

The Western Reviews Podcast (hosted by the mysterious Western Wonder) is a semiweekly podcast reviewing films & shows of different genres. Occasionally intertwined are comedic skits.


Just Shake It for the Lord! | "Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul." Review [Ep. #51]
Show Details13min 43s
When Vamps Attack! | "Day Shift" Review [Ep. #50]
Show Details9min 58s
"Sonic the Hedgehog 2" Review [Ep. #49]
Show Details10min 31s
So About Last Week's Verzuz... 'Western's Bits-N-Things' Vol. 1 [Ep. #48]
Show Details16min 55s
Vengeance Has Never Felt So Good. "The Batman" Review [Ep. #47]
Show Details18min 53s
From Tennis Rags to Smacking Riches... The "King Richard" Saga Review [Ep. #46]
Show Details14min 11s
Perhaps We Need to Talk About... "Encanto" Review [Ep. #45]
Show Details14min 45s
Red Pill, Blue Pill... The Choice Is Yours. "The Matrix Resurrections" Review [Ep. #44]
Show Details9min 56s
Presenting... "Indie Podcasts Unite!" [Ep. #43]
Show Details1hr 36min
If Ya Wanna Look Down, "Don't Look Up" - Reviewed [Ep. #42]
Show Details11min 50s
Netflix Madness Continues with... "Red Notice" Reviewed [Ep. 41]
Show Details11min 23s
"The Harder They Fall" Review [Ep. #40]
Show Details9min 43s
"An American Werewolf in London" Review [Ep. #39]
Show Details12min 47s
"Candyman" 2021 Review [Ep. #38]
Show Details10min 14s
"Malignant" Review [Ep. #37]
Show Details10min 4s
"Only Murders in the Building" - Next Three Episodes Recapped & Thoughts [Ep. #36]
Show Details8min 22s
"Only Murders in the Building" - First Three Episodes Reviewed [Ep. #35]
Show Details11min 25s
"The Nostalgia Special!...Of Sorts" w/Curtis Elton [Ep. #34]
Show Details1hr 22min
"The Suicide Squad" (Spoiler-Free) Review [Ep. #33]
Show Details11min 26s
"Space Jam: A New Legacy" Review [Ep. #32]
Show Details13min 15s
"F9" Mini-Review [Ep. #31]
Show Details9min 45s
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" Discussion and Review of sorts (with a recurring guest!) [Ep. #30]
Show Details38min 9s
Top 10 DreamWorks Movies... With a Recurring Guest! [SEASON 2 Premiere - Ep. #29]
Show Details1hr 21min
"Mortal Kombat" 2021 Review [Ep. #28 - SEASON ONE FINALE]
Show Details9min 21s
Top Ten Favorite Disney Movies... With a Guest! (part two - honorable mentions) [Ep. #27B]
Show Details42min 31s
Top Ten Favorite Disney Movies... With a Guest! (part one) [Ep. #27]
Show Details31min 15s
"Major Payne" Mini-Review [Ep. #26]
Show Details7min 49s
"Godzilla vs. Kong" Review [Ep. #25]
Show Details10min 44s
"Sgt. Bilko" 25th Anniversary Review [Ep. #24]
Show Details9min 37s
"Training Day" 20th Anniversary Review (E23)
Show Details8min 37s
"Coming 2 America" Review (S1, E22)
Show Details14min 16s
"The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run" Review (S1, E21)
Show Details35min 7s
"Coming to America" Review (S1, E20)
Show Details11min 29s
"Jackie's Back!" Review [Ep. #19]
Show Details9min 10s
"Groundhog Day" Review... sort of [Ep. #18]
Show Details30min 50s
"Clue" Review [Ep. #17]
Show Details20min 4s
Return of the "Western Wonder Show"!!
Show Details13min 18s
"The Kiss" Review [Ep. #15]
Show Details11min 25s
"Carrie" Review [Ep. #14]
Show Details11min 52s
"A Nightmare on Elm Street" Review [Ep. 13]
Show Details10min 26s
"Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'" Mini-Review [Ep. #12]
Show Details5min 39s
"Beetlejuice" Review [Ep. 11]
Show Details16min 18s
The Western Mystery: Lost Movie Reel (part two - FIN)
Show Details10min 24s
The Western Mystery: Lost Movie Reel (part one)
Show Details9min 52s
"Sanford and Son" Review [Ep. #9]
Show Details8min 10s
"Gunsmoke" Review [Ep. #8]
Show Details7min 12s
"Muppets from Space" Review [Ep. #7]
Show Details7min 59s
"ALF" Review [Ep. #6]
Show Details6min 48s
"The Western Wonder Show" [Ep #5]
Show Details13min 4s
The Triple Movie Review ("Dolemite", "Coffy", "The Mack") [Ep. #4]
Show Details11min 17s
"Silver Streak" Review [Ep. #3]
Show Details13min 38s
"Some Girls" Review [Episode #2]
Show Details6min 29s
"Ruthless People" review [Episode #1]
Show Details10min 47s