Anime Anticipation: A Special Collaboration - Unveiling the Gems and Dividing Views of the Upcoming Season with The Animeneax

1h 29m | Jul 25, 2023

Get ready for an extraordinary episode as the Animeneax team, Lambency and Beef, join forces with The Weeb from The Weeb Initiative for a special anime collaboration! Together, they dive deep into the excitement surrounding the highly-anticipated upcoming anime season. From beloved series like "Horimiya" and "The Devil Is a Part-Timer" season 2 to the third season of "Rent a Girlfriend," these hosts discuss the shows they're eager to watch and the reasons behind their excitement.

Intriguingly, opinions diverge on "Rent a Girlfriend," as The Weeb Initiative shares their reservations based on the manga, leading to a spirited and engaging debate. Amidst their collaborative exploration of the anime lineup, they also touch upon various surprises and news from the anime industry.

Don't miss this unique episode, where the Animeneax and The Weeb Initiative teams come together to offer insights, analysis, and enthusiasm for the forthcoming anime season. Whether you're a seasoned anime enthusiast or a newcomer curious about the latest trends, this podcast episode promises an entertaining and informative experience!

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