The Wata Waze Podcast Ep. 6 - The Potential of A Seed - Ft. Kathryn Ju'nell

Season 1 | Episode 6
1h 1m | Apr 5, 2022

On this episode Ayoka sits down with Kathryn Ju'nell, Investor and Project Manager at Hidden Gem Reims LLC. Ayoka and Kathryn talk about the potential of seed in respect to inner growth and evolution. Dominique "Ayoka" Bowman is an event curator and host helping to bridge gaps in her community. She uses her knowledge of motherhood, entrepreneurship, self and her perspective of the world to bring light and understanding to her audience. Ayoka created this podcast to ensure her listeners receives nourishment to enrich their lives as we all vibrate higher. Ase

The WATA WAZE Podcast was created with connecting community, knowledge and creation in mind. Our goal is to plant seeds of truth and light into the hearts of our listeners in hopes of birthing new and powerful foundations for internal growth. We are grateful for your presence. Enjoy!

This podcast was produced by MCXI Studios / Humble Vizion

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The Wata Waze Podcast - Hosted By Ayoka Bowman