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The Viking Age: For Minnesota Vikings Fans

The Viking Age Podcast is here! Get the most informative and unique takes on all things Minnesota Vikings football from The Viking Age's Adam Patrick and Chris Schad. Join us twice weekly for the best Vikings podcast out there.



How can the Vikings avoid being upset by the Lions in Week 3
Show Details34min 16s
Reacting to the Vikings crap sandwich vs. the Eagles with Onebar
Show Details45min
What must the Vikings fix before facing the Eagles?
Show Details47min 30s
Overdosing on purple Kool-Aid after the Vikings beat the Packers
Show Details41min 24s
Vikings predictions for Week 1 vs. the Packers
Show Details41min 38s
Bold Vikings predictions for the 2022 NFL season
Show Details40min 52s
Vikings trade for Jalen Reagor and pick their final 53
Show Details44min 33s
Alexander Mattison trade rumors and early Vikings cuts
Show Details42min 47s
The Minnesota Vikings ghosted JC Tretter?
Show Details35min 14s
Vikings trade for a QB2 and preseason takeaways
Show Details49min 43s
Kirk Cousins returns and a Vikings vs. 49ers preview
Show Details39min 53s
Reacting (and overreacting) to the Vikings preseason loss to the Raiders
Show Details46min 52s
Vikings vs. Raiders: Week 1 Preseason Preview
Show Details46min 26s
Optimism surrounding Vikings offensive line and Aaron Rodgers trips
Show Details35min 53s
Irv Smith Jr. is injured again and Garrett Bradbury still stinks
Show Details43min 22s
Vikings paranoid about fans filming at training camp?
Show Details40min 1s
Super early notes from Vikings training camp
Show Details35min 39s
14 wins for the Vikings in 2022 believable or delusional?
Show Details43min 28s
Vikings 2022 Training Camp Preview: Defense
Show Details45min 1s
Vikings 2022 Training Camp Preview - Offense
Show Details56min 42s
Will Jim Marshall ever get into the Hall of Fame?
Show Details35min 54s
Vikings Rewatchables - Episode 3: The Blair Walsh miss vs. the Seahawks
Show Details46min 23s
Should the Vikings try to trade for Sam Darnold?
Show Details38min 39s
Justin Jefferson is pumped about the Vikings new offense
Show Details45min 6s
Another splash signing coming for the Vikings?
Show Details42min 26s
Vikings Rewatchables - Episode 2: Favre to Lewis
Show Details53min 18s
Could the Vikings actually trade for Baker Mayfield?
Show Details42min 50s
Vikings Rewatchables - Epsiode 1: Minneapolis Miracle
Show Details48min 42s
Could the Vikings be the 2022 version of the Bengals?
Show Details48min 30s
Is Kirk Cousins the new prime meridian of NFL QBs?
Show Details43min 17s
Top 10 offense or bust for the Vikings in 2022?
Show Details40min 41s
Will the Vikings make the playoffs in 2022?
Show Details40min 2s
Is Kirk Cousins a top-10 quarterback in the NFL?
Show Details50min 34s
Which Vikings players will breakout in 2022?
Show Details45min 42s
Vikings getting bad reviews for 2022 offseason
Show Details42min 45s
Reaction to the Vikings 2022 schedule release and early predictions
Show Details54min 13s
Vikings to face Eagles on MNF in Week 2 of 2022 season
Show Details46min 43s
Is JC Tretter interested in the Vikings?
Show Details40min 6s
Did the Vikings fumble the 2022 NFL Draft?
Show Details49min 52s
Vikings pick safety Lewis Cine in first round of 2022 NFL Draft
Show Details25min 33s
Predicting the Vikings first three picks of the 2022 NFL Draft
Show Details49min 45s
Should the Vikings trade for 49ers WR Deebo Samuel?
Show Details45min 25s
What is your favorite Vikings draft memory?
Show Details50min 28s
Kirk Cousins wants to retire with the Vikings
Show Details44min 43s
Will the Vikings draft a Gopher? - Episode 146
Show Details43min 16s
Will the Vikings pick a QB in the 2022 NFL Draft? (with Tyler Forness)
Show Details40min 29s
What grade do the Vikings deserve for their 2022 offseason so far?
Show Details52min 35s
Patrick Peterson is returning to the Vikings for the 2022 season
Show Details54min 41s
Vikings add more new faces to their 2022 roster
Show Details47min 24s
Vikings create a sack monster with Za’Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter
Show Details48min 2s
Vikings meet with Za'Darius Smith and bring back Danielle Hunter
Show Details52min 1s
Will the Vikings trade Danielle Hunter?
Show Details51min 7s
Vikings reward Kirk Cousins with another extension
Show Details46min 29s
Are the Vikings about to trade Kirk Cousins to the Colts?
Show Details46min 4s
Reacting to the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine, impact on the Vikings
Show Details47min 55s
10 QBs who could start for the Vikings in 2022, Combine presser reactions
Show Details54min 26s
Mike Zimmer complains about Kirk Cousins and previewing the 2022 Combine
Show Details44min 50s
Kevin O’Connell changes tune about Kirk Cousins in Minnesota
Show Details49min 11s
Kirk Cousins to the Panthers rumors and Vikings hire a new OC
Show Details45min 52s
Kevin O'Connell introduced as the Vikings head coach, Deshaun Watson rumors
Show Details40min 57s
More nervous watching the Vikings or playing in front of 30,000 people? (with Alex Howard)
Show Details28min 52s
What does the hiring of Kevin O'Connell mean for Kirk Cousins? (with Grant Schwieger)
Show Details32min 48s
Vikings say no to Jim Harbaugh, hire Kevin O'Connell as next head coach
Show Details21min 11s
What could Jim Harbaugh bring to the Vikings? (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details35min 32s
Reacting to the Vikings hiring Kwesi Adofo-Mensah as their new GM (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details33min 56s
Examining all 8 candidates to be the next Vikings head coach (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details44min 57s
Early 2022 NFL Draft preview for the Vikings (with Ian Cummings)
Show Details39min 28s
Vikings begin their search for a new head coach and GM (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details33min 11s
Who is in the mix to be the next Vikings head coach? (with Chad Graff)
Show Details19min 38s
Vikings fire Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details40min 16s
What are the Vikings going to do with Mike Zimmer, Kirk Cousins, and Rick Spielman? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details30min 22s
The latest on what the Vikings plan to do with Mike Zimmer in 2022
Show Details26min 29s
Will Sunday be the final time the Vikings see Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details39min 10s
Should the Vikings stick with Mike Zimmer or Kirk Cousins in 2022? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details38min 26s
Could Mike Zimmer be the next head coach of the Bears? (with Jay Rigdon)
Show Details31min 27s
What does Mike Zimmer have to do to save his job with the Vikings? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details38min 51s
When are the Vikings going to fire Mike Zimmer? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details36min 3s
The Vikings can't lose to the Lions, right? (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details35min 41s
Vikings get run over by the 49ers in Week 12
Show Details27min 31s
Vikings get a BIG win over the Packers (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details36min 45s
State of the Vikings and old memories of beating the Packers (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details34min 51s
Recap of the Vikings big road win over the Chargers in Week 10
Show Details17min 50s
Dalvin Cook accusations, Vikings/Chargers preview (with Jason Reed)
Show Details34min 43s
Is Mike Zimmer done with the Vikings after loss to Ravens? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details40min 18s
What the Vikings can expect from the Ravens in Week 9 (with Ken McKusick)
Show Details21min 23s
What the Vikings can expect from the Cowboys on Sunday night (with Randy Gurzi)
Show Details23min 27s
Are the Vikings a playoff team this season? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details21min 6s
Is Mike Zimmer the right head coach for the Vikings? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details23min 37s
Kirk Cousins leads Vikings to an OT win over the Panthers (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details40min 39s
Can the Vikings offense get back on track vs. the Panthers? (with Dean Jones)
Show Details27min 56s
Did the Vikings win or did the Lions lose in Week 5? (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details27min 54s
The season is over if the Vikings lose to the Lions on Sunday (with Tyler Sawa)
Show Details30min 34s
Vikings get run over by the Browns in Week 4 (with Chris Schad)
Show Details35min 4s
Will the Vikings beat the Browns and spoil the return of Kevin Stefanski? (with Mac Robinson)
Show Details27min 56s
Kirk Cousins leads Vikings to their first win over the Seahawks since 2009 (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details30min 25s
What can the Vikings expect from Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in Week 3? (with Brandan Schulze)
Show Details27min 47s
Vikings fall to Cardinals in a Week 2 thriller (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details38min 33s
What can the Vikings expect from Kyler Murray and the Cardinals in Week 2? (with Bo Brack)
Show Details31min
Vikings start 2021 with a bad loss to Bengals (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details34min 58s
What can the Vikings expect from Joe Burrow and the Bengals in Week 1? (with Jason Marcum)
Show Details21min 43s
Is Kirk Cousins entering his last season with the Vikings?
Show Details27min 10s
What is the ceiling and the floor for the Vikings in 2021? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details38min 57s
How will Irv Smith Jr.'s injury impact the Vikings/Reaction to Harrison Smith extension (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details24min 1s
Is Bashaud Breeland the Vikings best offseason addition? (with Matt Verderame)
Show Details27min 1s
Should we be concerned about the Vikings offense? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details31min 38s
Is the next QB for the Colts on the Vikings roster? (with Josh Carney)
Show Details35min 31s
Recapping the Vikings preseason loss to the Broncos (with Chris Schad)
Show Details30min 44s
Could the Broncos trade for Kirk Cousins in 2022? (with Sayre Bedinger)
Show Details34min 6s
Which Vikings players have surprised the most at training camp? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details30min 29s
Kirk Cousins is trapped in a plexiglass case of emotion (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details29min 57s
Do the Vikings need a better backup plan behind Kirk Cousins? (with Dean Jones)
Show Details28min 21s
Previewing the Vikings 2021 training camp (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details32min 2s
Will the Vikings become NFC North favorites this week? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details24min 29s
Should the Vikings be concerned about Michael Pierce? (with Tyler Forness)
Show Details26min 50s
How does someone from NY become a Vikings fan? (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details26min 38s
Would the Vikings be better in 2021 with Matthew Stafford as their QB? (with Dominick Pfisterer)
Show Details27min 14s
Which Vikings opponents do you LOVE to HATE? (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details19min 22s
Are the Vikings loading up to make a run at the Super Bowl? (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details22min 47s
Is Harrison Smith on your Vikings Mount Rushmore? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details31min 59s
Everson Griffen wants to return to the Vikings (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details28min 45s
Experiencing the Minneapolis Miracle in person (with Chris Schad)
Show Details32min 35s
Should the Vikings trade for Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details35min 48s
How long does it take you to get over a Vikings loss? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details27min 31s
Are the Vikings capable of a deep playoff run in 2021? (with Elliott Knopp)
Show Details27min 11s
Danielle Hunter, Sheldon Richardson, and Vikings minicamp OH MY! (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details35min 41s
Will Bashaud Breeland help the Vikings win a Super Bowl? (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details26min 18s
Will Kellen Mond start any games for the Vikings in 2021? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details22min 56s
Will the Vikings call Danielle Hunter's bluff? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details23min 10s
Vikings interest in Justin Fields + Minnesota's 2021 rookie class predictions (with Jordan Reid)
Show Details22min 9s
Is Danielle Hunter becoming a problem for the Vikings? (with Jordan Reid)
Show Details21min 40s
Are the Vikings about to add ANOTHER cornerback? (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details44min 59s
Will Kellen Mond be the Vikings starting QB in 2022? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details44min 24s
Reacting to the release of the Vikings 2021 schedule
Show Details37min 58s
Are the Vikings a championship contender now? (with Dean Jones)
Show Details40min 39s
Grading the Vikings picks in the 2021 NFL Draft (with Zack Patraw)
Show Details57min 10s
Reacting to the Vikings picks in the 2021 NFL Draft (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details42min 39s
Final Vikings news and rumors before the 2021 NFL Draft (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details34min 38s
Vikings more likely to draft a QB on Day 2 or Day 3? (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details26min 54s
Former Vikings GM Jeff Diamond joins to talk about drafting Randy Moss and more
Show Details32min 31s
Should the Vikings bring back former QB Kyle Sloter? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details48min 57s
Would Kirk Cousins be a first-round pick in a re-do of the 2012 NFL Draft? (with Ian Cummings)
Show Details45min 40s
When should the Vikings pick a QB in the 2021 NFL Draft? (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details31min 49s
When have the Vikings made you angry? (with Jared Barsness)
Show Details32min 55s
What will the Vikings do with Jeff Gladney? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details42min 30s
Will Kyle Rudolph revitalize his career with the Giants? (with Matt Lombardo)
Show Details22min 47s
Who will the Vikings select in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft? (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details29min 10s
What will Patrick Peterson add to the Vikings? (with Alex Clancy)
Show Details28min 19s
Who will the Vikings choose to replace Anthony Harris? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details38min 6s
Vikings sign Patrick Peterson! (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details35min 4s
Should the Vikings draft Trey Lance to be their future QB? (with Dean Jones)
Show Details35min 34s
Last minute Vikings rumors before free agency begins (with Ben Goessling)
Show Details39min 12s
Is Danielle Hunter trying to get the Vikings to trade him? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details39min 39s
TVA Fan Feature: Crying at the sight of Cris Carter (with AMarie Castillo)
Show Details39min 32s
Should the Vikings draft a WR with their 2021 first-round pick? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details33min 19s
Will the Vikings take a QB in the 2021 NFL Draft? (with Ian Cummings)
Show Details36min 24s
Is Kirk Cousins currently a top-10 QB in the NFL? (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details43min 37s
Could the Vikings extend Kirk Cousins again this year? (with Chad Graff)
Show Details27min 37s
Will Teddy Bridgewater end up back with the Vikings? (with Dean Jones)
Show Details31min 39s
Are the Kirk Cousins trade rumors bogus? (with Trevor Squire)
Show Details32min 12s
Were the Vikings wrong to let Kevin Stefanski walk out the door? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details39min 41s
Interview with Vikings WR Justin Jefferson + NFL Draft talk with Zack Patraw
Show Details41min 14s
Will Kirk Cousins be the next QB who gets traded? (with Adam Carlson)
Show Details35min 39s
Former Vikings WR Matthew Hatchette joins the show!
Show Details19min 54s
Talking Stefon Diggs and Aaron Rodgers (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details54min 6s
Could Kirk Cousins be heading to the Colts? (with Jared Barsness)
Show Details25min 16s
Reviewing the Vikings 2020 rookie class (with Nik Edlund)
Show Details26min 33s
Where will the Vikings free agents land in 2021? (with Chris Schad)
Show Details46min 17s
Recapping the Vikings 2020 season (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details58min 52s
Will the Vikings bring back Everson Griffen in 2021? (with Chris Tomasson)
Show Details28min 8s
Vikings end the 2020 season by beating the Lions - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details58min 23s
Previewing the Vikings season finale vs. the Lions (with Luke Parrish)
Show Details27min 48s
Previewing the Vikings Christmas showdown vs. the Saints (with Chris Schad)
Show Details32min 15s
Vikings wave goodbye to playoffs after loss to Bears - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details54min 22s
Previewing the Vikings Week 15 game vs. the Bears (with Sam Ekstrom)
Show Details26min 30s
Vikings can't escape their kicking curse in loss to Bucs - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details48min 52s
Previewing the Vikings Week 14 game vs. Tom Brady and the Bucs (with Josh Hill)
Show Details32min 43s
Vikings escape an upset and beat the Jaguars - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details56min 35s
Previewing the Vikings Week 13 game vs. the Jaguars (with UCF Jaguar)
Show Details34min 21s
Vikings save season by beating Panthers - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details36min 11s
Previewing the Vikings Week 12 game vs. Teddy and the Panthers (with Dean Jones)
Show Details29min 53s
Vikings fall to Cowboys in Week 11 - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details50min 43s
Previewing the Vikings Week 11 game vs. the Cowboys (with Randy Gurzi)
Show Details17min 53s
Vikings beat the Bears on Monday night - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details43min 28s
Previewing the Vikings MNF game vs. the Bears (with Mark Carmen)
Show Details23min 52s
Vikings pummel the Lions in Week 9 - Recap (with Dustin Baker)
Show Details36min 34s
A good, not great, Vikings/Lions preview for Week 9 (with Ian Casselberry)
Show Details39min 59s
Vikings shock the Packers - Recap
Show Details35min 12s
Vikings Trade Talk/Packers Preview (with Tyler Haag)
Show Details44min 11s
Should the Vikings fire Mike Zimmer?
Show Details41min 45s
The Viking Age Podcast Trailer
Show Details2min 3s