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The Video Editing Podcast

Film editors have film school, video editors have Unsplice.

My name is Shiny, I'm the founder of video editing training school Unsplice, and on The Video Editing Podcast you'll get straight-forward weekly video editing tips, tactics and career advice learned from 15 years as a professional video editor in London. You'll hear coaching calls with editors in the same position as you, as well as from pros at the top of their game and how they got there.


We love talking documentaries, commercials, branded content, trailers, and everything in between. Come join our community of editors passionate about the type of work that makes up the majority of the editing job market - video editing.


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What causes burnout and how to prevent it
Show Details18min 50s
Which software is the best?
Show Details39min 30s
How to find work as a freelancer
Show Details17min 9s
How to impress clients with your portfolio
Show Details24min 24s
What is Unsplice Pro?
Show Details21min 15s
Freelance vs full-time. Which is better? Plus HUGE announcement
Show Details47min 47s
How to make money as a YouTube creator - with Justin Odisho
Show Details45min 52s
Effects and transitions are b***s*** - with David Gesslbauer
Show Details25min 16s
How I became an award winning commercial editor - with David Gesslbauer
Show Details26min 18s
How to go from Assistant Editor to Editor
Show Details26min 52s
Do you need to move to a major city to further your career?
Show Details18min 58s
What's it like to be an Assistant Editor?
Show Details29min 42s
How to get your first job and climb the career ladder
Show Details24min 54s
How I started a successful video editing career
Show Details26min 42s