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Here at The VBAC Link, our mission is to make birth after Cesarean better by providing education, support, and a community of like-minded people. Welcome to our circle, we are so glad you are here!


Episode 203 Kayana's VBAC + Birth After Preterm C-Section
Show Details56min 22s
Episode 202 Katie Davis' HBAC + Is home birth right for you?
Show Details43min 9s
Episode 201 Lucy's Big Babies
Show Details24min 11s
200 Episodes with JULIE!
Show Details1hr 14min
Episode 199 Lauren's VBAC + PPROM
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 198 Dr. Betty DeLass with Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness
Show Details35min 25s
Episode 197 Jennifer's VBAC + Home Birth Transfer
Show Details46min 51s
Episode 196 Brenda's VBAC + D-MER and Postpartum
Show Details36min 44s
Episode 195 Rebecca's Precipitous VBAC + Cervical Laceration
Show Details48min 20s
Episode 194 VBAC Q&A + A Sad Announcement
Show Details41min 34s
Episode 193 Lindsay's CBAC + Chiropractic Care
Show Details26min 19s
Episode 192 Carolyn’s VBAC + Birth Options
Show Details31min 19s
Episode 191 Emily’s VBAC + Precipitous Labor
Show Details56min 20s
Aubree's HBAC + Home Birth After Cesarean
Show Details43min
Mabel's VBAM (Vaginal Birth After Myomectomy)
Show Details49min 7s
Lindsay's VBAC + Preparing for VBAC
Show Details52min 36s
Carly's VBAC + COVID Birth Challenges
Show Details36min 28s
Danielle's VBAC + High Cesarean Rates
Show Details36min 17s
Kallista with New Mom Boss Talks Postpartum
Show Details52min 4s
Daniela's VBAC + Doulas and Advocacy
Show Details39min 52s
Moana's VBAC + VBAC with an Epidural
Show Details31min 49s
182 We're back! Frances' VBAC + Big Babies
Show Details53min 37s
181 See ya later, we promise!
Show Details25min 39s
180 April's 2VBA3C + Birth After Loss
Show Details48min 9s
179 David Arrell Welcome to Fatherhood (WTF) Tips for Dads!
Show Details47min 6s
178 Jesse's RCS + Choosing a RCS
Show Details53min 58s
177 Nicole’s VBAC + Racial Bias in Birth
Show Details49min 48s
176 Kalie's VBAC + Precipitous Labor
Show Details51min 50s
175 Kay's CBAC + Virtual Support
Show Details44min 48s
174 Our Secret Weapon
Show Details40min
173 Katherine's Unassisted VBA3C
Show Details37min 50s
172 Carlee's VBAC + Cholestasis
Show Details48min 15s
171 Sarah's HBAC + Little C Antibodies
Show Details42min 53s
170 Jess's HBAC + VBAC Prep and Planning
Show Details43min 37s
169 All About the Cervix with Julie and Meagan
Show Details37min 54s
168 Breana's VBAC with a Special Scar + Preventing Preeclampsia
Show Details49min 42s
167 Alysa's VBAC + Placenta Previa and Accreta
Show Details47min 41s
166 Ali's VBAC + Fear Release and Advocacy
Show Details56min 4s
165 Lexus' Cesarean + Birth Trauma Processing
Show Details51min 31s
164 Jessica's VBAC + PROM
Show Details40min 28s
163 What CBAC Moms Want You to Know
Show Details1hr 3min
162 Harmony and Kimberly + Doula Support
Show Details1hr 4min
161 Brittany Sharpe McCollum + Pelvic Dynamics
Show Details1hr 15min
160 Everything Left Unsaid with Mari and Allie
Show Details57min 5s
159 Brittany's VBAC + Finding Peace in Unplanned Cesareans
Show Details1hr 2min
158 Hallie's VBAC + Water for Pain Relief
Show Details39min 34s
157 Home Birth and Hospital Birth, Risks vs Benefits
Show Details33min 38s
156 Brigette's VBAC + Getting Your Cervix Ready for Birth
Show Details40min 50s
155 Alison's VBAC + How to Advocate for Yourself
Show Details47min 2s
154 Bec's VBAC + Evidence on Due Dates
Show Details54min 7s
153 Marilys' VBAC + The untold CBAC and VBAC stories
Show Details53min 48s
152 Liz's Surprise HBAC + Emotional Release
Show Details55min 37s
151 Gretchen's VBAC + Prenatal Anxiety
Show Details50min 53s
150 Aubria's HBAC + Expert Providers
Show Details35min 34s
149 Jill's VBAC + Birth Support Coaching
Show Details48min 43s
148 Julie and Meagan Chat About Life and Birth
Show Details36min 24s
147 Jennifer's CBAC + Crash Cesarean
Show Details37min 1s
146 VBAC Doulas Tell All
Show Details47min 5s
145 Hermaris' VBAC + Prodromal Labor
Show Details41min 35s
144 Laura's VBAC + IUGR and Due Dates
Show Details51min 13s
143 Kate + Birth Outside the US
Show Details56min 4s
142 VBAC Blogging: Lessons Learned
Show Details46min 2s
141 Molly's VBAC + 4th Degree Tears
Show Details1hr 5min
140 Amber's VBAC + Postpartum Anxiety
Show Details49min 30s
139 Julie and Meagan Answer Your Facebook Messages
Show Details57min 41s
138 Tiffany's VBAC + Nuchal Hand
Show Details49min 51s
137 Amy's HBAC + Pushing
Show Details48min 25s
136 Jocelyn + International Health Care
Show Details1hr 8min
135 Rebecca's VBAC + Travel for VBAC
Show Details50min 40s
134 Meet Sarah, our new Admin!
Show Details45min 24s
133 Emily' VBAC + The Hard Stuff
Show Details57min 32s
132 Sarah's VBAC + Midwifery Model of Care
Show Details39min 28s
131 Katie's VBAC + Car Birth!
Show Details44min 2s
130 Alyssa's VBAC + Creating a Supportive Environment
Show Details1hr 26min
129 Heather's HBAC + Posterior Babies
Show Details44min 8s
128 Grace's Breech VBA2C
Show Details57min 18s
127 Shilo's VBAC + Remote Virtual Doula-ing
Show Details47min 11s
126 Laura's VBAC + Anterior Placenta
Show Details1hr 4min
125 Postpartum: The Things No One Talks About
Show Details42min 14s
124 Elyssa's CBAC + Birthing in a Pandemic
Show Details58min 7s
123 Cesarean Scar Massage and Care with Lynn
Show Details51min 28s
122 Liesel Teen (Mommy Labor Nurse) Talks VBAC
Show Details51min 21s
121 Roxy's VBAC + Long Labor
Show Details32min 35s
120 Mary's VBA2C + VBA2C Tips
Show Details47min 45s
119 Pelvic Movement in Pregnancy and Birth with Gina Conley
Show Details34min 34s
118 Fran's VBAC + Processing Fears
Show Details42min 25s
117 Sarah's VBAC + Birth Locations
Show Details53min 40s
116 COVID-19 Is Affecting the Birth World -- What You Need to Know
Show Details50min 25s
115 Jennifer's VBAC + Irish Twins
Show Details20min 54s
114 Pelvic Floor Health with Valerie Schwalbe, DPT
Show Details52min 34s
113 Brittany's VBAC + Big Babies and Small Pelvises
Show Details58min 30s
112 Nicole's VBAC + Breech Babies
Show Details44min 55s
111 Brooke's VBAC + Switching Providers
Show Details56min 42s
110 Kara's VBA2C + Mental and Physical Prep
Show Details34min 41s
109 Things You Never Knew you Needed to Know About Birth with Julie & Meagan
Show Details51min 21s
108 Tracy's VBAC + Finding Your Support
Show Details35min 24s
107 Tatiana's VBA2C + Safely Avoiding Cesareans
Show Details43min 2s
106 Rachel's VBAC + Unexpected Unassisted Home Birth
Show Details48min 35s
105 Briana's CBAC + Uterine Rupture
Show Details43min 36s
104 Documenting Your Birth with Rowan Steiner and Danielle Wilstead
Show Details42min
103 Happy New Year, Women of Strength!
Show Details13min 56s
102 Amy's VBA2C + Assisted Delivery
Show Details51min 44s
101 Allison's VBAC + Birthing with a Non-Supportive Provider
Show Details48min 31s
100 Meagan's Birthday!
Show Details39min 21s
99 Tonya's VBAC + Abnormal Shaped Uterus
Show Details46min 24s
98 Julie and Meagan Answer Your Emails
Show Details39min 55s
97 Patrice's VBAC + The Best Induction Method for VBAC
Show Details44min 33s
96 Ashley's CBAC + Empowering Cesareans
Show Details40min 34s
95 Brittany's VBAC + VBAC Doulas
Show Details40min 40s
94 Sarah's VBAC + How to Talk to Your Birth Partner About VBAC
Show Details40min 12s
93 Kristy Burtenshaw - Structural Integration
Show Details38min 48s
92 Summer's VBA2C + VBAC Providers
Show Details1hr 10min
91 Sara's VBAC + Birth Words
Show Details34min 39s
90 Kimberly's VBA2C + Doula Support
Show Details1hr 13min
89 Renay's VBAC + Pregnancy Nutrition
Show Details1hr 9min
88 Brittany's CBA2C + Changing Plans During Labor
Show Details51min 2s
87 Dr Stu & Midwife Blyss on Body Autonomy During Labor
Show Details1hr 6min
86 Shannon's VBA3C + VBAC After Multiple Cesareans
Show Details46min 34s
85 Jana's VBAC + 6 Months Between Pregnancies
Show Details40min 39s
84 Molly’s VBAC + VBAC After Breech Cesarean
Show Details46min 37s
83 Jessica's VBAC + Trusting Yourself
Show Details57min 6s
82 Badassmotherbirther - Flor Cruz
Show Details49min 19s
81 Katelyn's VBAC + The VBAC Link Community
Show Details42min 24s
80 Chelsey's 2VBA2C + Breech Babies
Show Details40min 27s
79 Alicea's VBAC + Avoiding Severe Tears
Show Details37min 52s
78 Christina's VBAC + Fetal Heart Tones
Show Details30min 28s
77 Rachel's VBAC + VBAC Education
Show Details42min 55s
76 Chiropractic Care and VBAC with Steven Roushar
Show Details39min 14s
75 Chelsey's CBAC + Intuition
Show Details31min 50s
74 Genavie's HBAC + Birth Trauma
Show Details54min 38s
73 Dr Stu and Midwife Blyss
Show Details54min 14s
72 Jill's Twin VBAC + Twin VBAC Facts
Show Details23min 18s
71 The VBAC Link's First Birthday!!
Show Details42min 58s
70 Stephanie's VBAC + Military Hospital Birth
Show Details54min 31s
69 Jennifer's Twin Birth, Vaginal and Cesarean
Show Details37min 52s
68 Heather's 2CBAC + Uterine Rupture
Show Details31min 3s
67 Julie's HBAC Rebroadcast
Show Details45min 58s
66 Alicia's VBAC + Dual Care
Show Details46min 32s
65 Beth's VBAC + Mother Baby Bond
Show Details45min 27s
64 Doula Life Q&A with Julie and Meagan
Show Details38min 19s
63 Destiny's HBAC + Chiropractic Care
Show Details42min 39s
62 Meagan's VBA2C - Rebroadcast
Show Details44min 53s
61 Jen's CBAC + Transverse Babies
Show Details47min 48s
60 Jessica's VBAC + Prodromal Labor
Show Details47min 44s
59 Katie's VBAC + ICAN
Show Details30min 49s
58 Postpartum Mood Disorders with Elizabeth Gray
Show Details32min 50s
57 Kimberly's VBA4C + VBAC Induction
Show Details41min 34s
56 Rachel's VBAC + Failure to Progress
Show Details35min 20s
55 Miranda's VBA2C + VBA2C Facts
Show Details34min 49s
54 Shiraya's VBAC + Home Birth
Show Details32min 50s
53 Talking to Your Partner About VBAC with Lyn Christian
Show Details49min 18s
52 Jennie's VBAC + Premature Births
Show Details59min 10s
51 Bethany's VBAC + Baby Positioning
Show Details47min 44s
50 All About Julie - Special Birthday Episode
Show Details29min 27s
49 Schermisia's VBAC + Women of Color
Show Details53min 20s
48 Jeanine's CBAC + How to Handle the Unexpected
Show Details45min 54s
47 Uterine Rupture Facts & Perspective with Julie and Meagan
Show Details28min 4s
46 Caitlin's VBAC + Mental Preparation
Show Details52min 59s
45 Taylor's VBAC + Finding a Good Provider
Show Details36min 43s
44 Amy's VBA2C + Classical Scar
Show Details42min 53s
43 Maria's VBAC + Hypnobirthing
Show Details52min 58s
42 Mary's VBAC + Water Breaking
Show Details36min 13s
41 Julie's Breastfeeding Journeys + PPD
Show Details20min 19s
40 Mandy's VBAC + VBAMC, Special Scars, Premie, & Pre-E
Show Details44min 25s
39 For Birth Partners + What VBAC Dads Want you to Know
Show Details52min
38 Jenna's VBAC + Breech Babies
Show Details45min 12s
37 Q & A with Julie & Meagan
Show Details1hr 11min
36 Bronwyn's VBAC + Special Scars
Show Details32min 12s
35 Meet Nick & Rick, the Husbands Behind the Podcast
Show Details45min 48s
34 Enzhe's VBAC + International Parents
Show Details23min 30s
33 Lindsey + The Evidence for Doulas
Show Details33min 51s
32 Erin's VBAC + Home Birth Safety
Show Details50min 58s
31 Tabitha's VBAC + VBAC After Multiple C-sections
Show Details28min 21s
30 Hannah + First Time Moms + Tips to Avoid a C-section
Show Details34min 53s
29 Nicole's VBAC + Length Between Pregnancies
Show Details35min 6s
28 Megan's VBAC + Birth After Loss
Show Details1hr 5min
27 Aly's VBAC + Anterior Placentas
Show Details27min 35s
26 Jenn's VBAC + Honoring Your Intuition
Show Details46min 54s
25 Molly's VBAC + Pregnancy Nutrition
Show Details34min 11s
24 Jenni's VBAC + GBS
Show Details39min 4s
23 Diana + Healing Birth Trauma
Show Details41min 25s
22 Nichole's VBAC + VBAC Essentials
Show Details38min 2s
21 Clare's VBAC + VBAC Interventions
Show Details27min 57s
20 Courtney's VBAC + The Four Main Reasons for C-sections
Show Details22min 19s
19 Lindsay's VBAC + VBAC Quick Facts
Show Details40min 27s
18 Leslie's HBAC + Special Scars
Show Details1hr 11min
17 Taylor's VBAC After TTTS and SIUGR + What is TOLAC?
Show Details34min 19s
16 Rachel's VBAC and HBAC + True Informed Consent
Show Details59min 58s
15 DR Cormano Q&A With a VBAC Friendly OBGYN
Show Details58min 26s
14 Tishra's VBAC + VBAC Bans
Show Details56min 14s
13 Kelie's VBA4C + VBAMC Facts
Show Details37min 36s
12 Haley's VBAC + How to Find the Right Provider
Show Details29min 32s
11 Kassandra's VBAC + ICAN + Get That Big Baby Out!
Show Details1hr
10 Ashley's VBAC + VBAC Induction Facts
Show Details1hr 10min
09 Kristen's HBAC Transfer Vacuum Assist + Assisted Delivery and Postpartum Depression
Show Details42min 15s
08 Allie's VBAC + Shoulder Dystocia Info
Show Details37min 13s
07 Kelsey's VBAC + How Common is CPD?
Show Details45min 47s
06 Karina's VBAC with Type 1 Diabetes + BIG BABIES!
Show Details11min 59s
05 Kasaundra's 2 VBAC's + The Law of the Sphincter
Show Details37min 54s
04 Chelsey's Breech VBA2C + The Lost Art of Breech Delivery
Show Details22min 39s
03 Julie's 3 HBAC + Birth Location Options
Show Details45min 54s
02 Meagan's VBA2C + 5 Interesting Facts About VBA2C
Show Details44min 51s
01 The VBAC Link Introduction + What is VBAC?
Show Details7min 53s