Onyx: Bacdafucup (1993). Hoodies, Timbs and Bald Heads

Episode 139
17m | Apr 17, 2023

B. Cox reviews Onyx's classic debut album Bacdafucup as it turns 30. After linking up with the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC fame, the Queens group signed to his label JMJ Records. Under his watchful eye and tutelage, they recorded their debut album. The then-quartet made up of Fredro Starr, the late Big DS, Sonsee (aka Sonny Seeza or Suave) and Sticky Fingaz sought to bring their style of rugged hardcore hip-hop to the forefront. Punctuated by a high energy, rambunctious and in your face style with aesthetics marked by their trademark street look: hoodies, fatigues, Timberland boots and bald heads, they ushered in a musical and fashion style that gave them their unique selling proposition.

Produced mostly by Queens producer Chyskillz and his converted jazz notes to rugged out to meet the group's style, the album featured two hit singles: the hardcore anthem "Throw Your Guns" and the crossover classic "Slam" an high energy anthem that reached No. 4 on the Billboard 100 and has become a staple in popular culture, advertisements and campaigns in the 30 years since its release.

The album was certified platinum and is recognized as one of the best albums of 1993 and an album that is known for popularizing a particular style of rapping and performing as well as rugged street fashion.

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