BONUS EPISODE!!! Favorite 90's Hip-Hop Posse Cuts

23m | Mar 13, 2023

In a bonus episode, B. Cox sorts through some of his favorite and memorable hip-hop posse cuts of the 1990s.

*We did not include Wu-Tang Clan and its individual members' albums that could have memorable posse cuts as we determined that they could warrant a standalone bonus episode in the future. Stay tuned!*

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Show Notes

High Snobiety: The 25 Best Rap Posse Cuts of All-Time › 25-best-rap-posse-cuts

Pitchfork: The History of Posse Cuts in 5 Songs

Trapital: Why Rappers Stopped Making Remixes and Posse Cuts

RockTheBells: A History Of The Posse Cut

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