77. The Definition of Reality

19m | Mar 28, 2022

The Definition of Reality

One of the biggest deceptions ever devised was to convince people that life can end.

To define life by biological sensual parameters is to underestimate reality.

Only material existance, the most superficial version of life, can have the illusion of death.

Death itself was created as a release from sensual prison. So that you don't need to be stuck in a biological body forever. Biology itself is a limitation in a sense, because your unlimited consciousness is being confined into a mortal shell and conditioned to believe in your mortality.

The whole concept that biological life is the real life because we can measure it is the exact opposite of what life actually is.

Real life is freedom from any limitation. Whereas biology is a celebration of limitation, in a way.

Anything measurable is limited. By measuring ourselves, we limit ourselves.

I no longer have any beliefs. The concept of belief is an obsolete idea when you are more fully conscious.

When omnipresent Truth is experienced, you don't need to believe anything anymore.

The problem is not that everything exists, its that people are not thinking big enough. They have small ideas about themselves and the possibilities.

Limitation is only a result of being in this biological world. If it is possible to bend the rules of physics, it would only be possible when your own limitations are removed in your mind.

When we become close-minded, we are turning off this potential and making it dormant instead of activating it.

As for me, I aspire to find the limits of the possible in what it means to be human. To find out what kind of superhuman feats and miracles that can be accomplished.


I've been challenging everything including gods, gurus, and authority figures all my life. Being fearless and speaking truth to power has gotten me into trouble on occasion. It's given me actual scars and put me into life threatening situations. What some may write off as dreaming, for me it is reality.

It comes down to what is the nature of reality? Is it reality only because it is experienced via one or more of the 5 senses? Even this can be doubted unless there are witnesses.

This is a problem. Reality then becomes physical verifiable phenomena only. Dreams from dreamers like Walt Disney are not considered real until something like Disneyland or Disney World is made. But the world was already there before he built it. In the same way , the Absolute existed before the first holy book was written. It wasn't events on Earth that defined it, but rather events on Earth are a result of it. As above. So below.

The vast expanse of physical reality is infinitesimal compared to the overwhelming magnitude of the Absolute.

To Seek Is To Not Find

Even in musical melodies, multiple instruments are perceived together as one. The mind can trick you into thinking you are multitasking, but like a cpu, it is only oscillating multiple inputs quickly, each processed one by one.

When you desire love, you are not loving, for if you have love, you feel desireless. If you want peace, you are not peaceful. If you seek truth, you don't have it. It is only when we stop seeking or wanting that we can have everything.

"To experience the infinite requires infinite patience." - Swami Sivananda. 

Yes, you can love desire, and by doing that, instead of feeling desire, you experience desirelessness. Love liberates your heart. Truth liberates your mind.

Love is part of your most authentic self. To not feel love is to be insincere. If you are insincere you are not your Self. If you are not yourself you cannot be independent. Independence is the freedom to be yourself.

Non-attachment is the first step to mastering it. The only reason non-attachment is possible is because it is not You. If it was you, then you would be inseparable from it.

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