82. By Being Last, You Can Also be First

20m | Apr 10, 2022

First, what does it mean to be last? It means to put the Absolute Ultimate first. By doing this, you put the Best in everything and everyone first, and yourself last. Ironically, I consider this Selfish behavior.

Everyone is naturally selfish. People may deny it since nobody wants to be seen as "selfish", but we all put who we identify with, first. You may at this point and protest, "Who do you think you are to tell me that I am selfish ? You don't know me. I make sacrifices and prioritize for my family, my spouse and my friends all the time."" I'm sure you are a good person and mean well, but by the concept of selfish I mean, you only care about what is you and yours. Your family, Your friends, Your spouse or romantic partner, your colleagues, your classmates. You get the idea.

The irony is that putting yourself last is the most selfish thing you can do, but with a capital S. Be Selfish.

By putting yourself last does that mean you let others walk all over you? No it doesn't, because they key behind being last is about putting the Best in everyone before you. This selfish act is done because you recognize that the Best in you is also in them. This cannot be stressed enough. By helping Best in others to emerge, you are literally helping your Self. Some may regard this activity as selfless, but actually it is Selfish. Selfishness is good. The problem is not about if you are selfish or not. We all are. It is natural to be selfish. It is only when we have a limited conceptualization of self that selfishness is a problem. When our concept of self becomes limitless, then you don't stop being selfish, it is just your realization expands into a much more expanded view that encompasses everyone. This means, not only your friends and your family and people you know, but to people you don't know. However, this is not a weakness, but a strength, because your standards are now much higher. You accept and recognize nothing but the best in others and you develop also the ability to recognize when they are not being their Best. 

Making yourself last is only used in the context of authenticity. If others are not sincere, you do not put their insincerity before you. By being last, only the Best is before you.

The selfishness within you is natural and should not be stopped, instead you become even more intensely Selfish. This concept may be hard in the beginning to wrap your head around, but once you do, you realize the reason why they say that a True master is the Greatest servant.

The master doesn't help you out of a sense of charity or pity, but out of a genuine Selfishness that wants to see you be the Best within you awaken. The reason for this is because of a genuine interest is seeing the Absolute, the Ultimate, manifest into the physical while making the biggest and most lasting impact that will ripple out into future generations.

Therefore, by being last, you in fact make your Self first.

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