73. The Drive to be Better is Holy because the Best is Divine.

19m | Mar 25, 2022

I disagree that those words are applicable today. The chain of succession was broken. In such a situation, definitely the Absolute can intervene directly. The fact is that in any succession, there is always at least one who was the first. Whoever this first was, was not in a line of succession.

In fact, the Absolute can do anything it wants and inspire individuals on opposite ends of the globe who are independent of each other and who don't know each even exists.

I would go even further and claim that there is an Ultimate philosophy that allows people to become liberated without a guru. I don't regard any living guru as being able to open the Crown in another, even myself. This is something only the Absolute can do. Teachers/masters can help guide and prepare students to be more receptive to this Ultimate experience, but this ultimate experience is not the relationship between teacher and student but between the Absolute and the practitioner.

Nothing immortal can be destroyed and that Immortal spark is within each of us.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha