The Twin Geeks 169: A League of Their Own

1h 1m | Apr 21, 2023

There’s no crying in baseball, as friend of the show Renee Marie joins for a wide-ranging discussion of the iconic A League of Their Own, which remains the pinnacle of Women’s Sports Movies. Films that live with us are our bread and butter. This is especially true for this episode, as Renee has a close personal relationship with the film, informed by hosting trivia nights, meeting one of the film’s stars, creating cosplay for conventions, modeling her cosplay for the film in magazines, and most resonantly, the idea of films being tied to important people in our lives and how they help us process feelings at just the right moment. All this, and in-depth discussions of Pokémon GO, Douglas Sirk & Hallmark Films… It’s time for a seminal sports movie classic on this week’s The Twin Geeks! Enjoy the show.

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