THE TRUE TRUE with Pattie Martins

A place where universal truth, doubts, fears and aspirations are confessed and discussed. Let's get rid of all the noise and discuss some truths all in good humor!


27. Breaking Family Karmic Cycles
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26. Omens and Signs
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25. Searching for Strength Inside Myself
Show Details10min 8s
24. How important is Me Time?
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23. Happiness For Sale
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22. Why I Divorced my Parents
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21. Productivity vs Nowness
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20. When I was an Immigrant
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19. The American Dream is an Illusion
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18. My Strange Coming-Out Story
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17. My Personal Sexual Abuse Story
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16. Lying like an Actor
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15. When is it OK to Compromise?
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14. If Money can't buy Happiness. Can Love?
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13. Why Do We Resist Change
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12. Celebrities Aren't Heroes
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11. Breaking the Rules
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10. The Path of Discovery vs Stability
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9. I deserve better
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8. Timing is always Perfect!
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7. It's OK to Feel Vulnerable
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6. Black Lives Matter impact on the European mindset
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5. Self development is Messy
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4. Reconciling with Nature post COVID
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3. Be Still
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2. Who I am.
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1. Say NO to Fear
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