The Trauma Bond Podcast

The Trauma Bond Podcast is hosted by Chas V. and Co-hosted with Nicole T. We get that the podcast name comes off a bit heavy but hear us out...

What we do is talk about past experiences that just flat out were unhealthy, and try to create a bond by finding some silver lining of humor in talking about said experiences. Now, is this the best or most healthy way to deal with that? Probably not. Do we need therapy? I don't think anyone would argue otherwise; but this works for us and seems to work for others as well.

Think of this podcast as a verbal meme, memes are funny because they usually relate to unhealthy coping that we all do. Let us be your meme connoisseurs and join us on this journey of collective unhealthy coping.

It is important to note that we're not here trying to help people work through their past or current trauma. We are merely trying to find a commonality and bond over laughing at it.


Face down in the pool (bonus content)
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Face down in the pool
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He came all over my sheets
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Almost too trusting
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