Staying Strong w/ Estonian’s Arm-Wrestling Champion, Susie Ann - Ep. 14 Tomorrow People Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 14
2h 8m | Apr 13, 2021

From arm-wrestling champion to business owner to lawyer to musician to motor-biker to personal trainer to speaking 7 languages and holding 3 university degrees – Estonian Susie Ann seems to do it all. She’s a Yes girl with a witty attitude.


She’s our first female guest and in this special episode, our fellow founding member, Jeff, finally makes his first appearance as host, and a solo act at that.


Jeff and Susie sit down together in Mexico, gulping shots of Pisco to celebrate crossing paths again after their first meeting in Susie’s homeland.


They chat about everything fitness and both even share some personal crazy arm-wrestling stories. They also deeply explore feminism and Susie's being a strong independent woman as it relates to relationships, intimidation, social pressures, and owning your own business. They also touch on travel, working in different time zones, and of course Estonia!


Did you know that Estonia has the most startups per capita? Or that it’s home to 5 unicorns despite only having a 1M population? Susie reveals this and more as Jeff and she reminisce together.


Buckle up for a different ride in this one!




Instagram: @5usie_ann

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