A Sexy Podcast w/ Nessy - Ep. 21 Tomorrow People Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 21
1h 34m | Jun 9, 2021

Ever heard of a "sexy podcast"?

Think erotic literature but in spoken form.

That's the idea that our friend Nessy had a little over a year ago when the pandemic was just starting to take off.

It's an idea with a lot of potential demand, and it strikes at the heart of some of the difference between how male and female brains experience arousal.

That's just the beginning of the rabbit we explore in today's episode where we discuss human sexuality on biological, psychological, and cultural levels.

Joining us is Mikey (episode 5) as our cohost as we dive deep into human relationships and share some stories and dating experiences as the world opens back up and people start getting back out there and start getting intimate with one another again.

Links Discussed:

The Female Brain

The Male Brain

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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