Thinking Deeply about Crypto w/ Haseeb Qureshi - Ep. 20 Tomorrow People Podcast

Season 1 | Episode 20
1h 5m | Jun 2, 2021

How much do you actually know about Crypto?

Behind all the hype around Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, ICOs and the latest ways to get rich quickly using the blockchain, there is a powerful technology being developed that is poised to radically change our financial system. 

And while coin prices have risen dramatically in the past few years, much work remains to be done to actually develop business models and organizations that can bring to life crypto's lofty promises of becoming a truly revolutionary technology.

As a managing partner at Dragonfly Capital, Haseeb Qureshi is pushing the frontier of the Wild West that is crypto. As an accomplished writer, poker player, software engineer and now investor he’s had an incredible career so far and we were lucky spend an hour chatting about his vision for what’s to come.

With his measured opinions and insightful analysis, hopefully this talk with Haseeb will help you parse through all the noise out there around Crypto. 

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