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A podcast for Amazing storytelling that will have you laughing, thrilled and keep you in so much suspense you'd want to flog the host. literally.


The lazy Episode
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Plant Therapy - TTP Stories
Show Details27min 45s
If I were a god... (with Princess)
Show Details42min 45s
Double Shift - TTP Stories
Show Details25min 15s
Unlucky - Late night thoughts
Show Details3min 42s
12 Minutes Ep. 5 - Epilogue (#TTPStories)
Show Details12min 44s
12 Minutes Ep. 4 - Near Miss (#TTPStories)
Show Details4min 22s
12 Minutes Ep. 3 - Duress (#TTPStories)
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12 Minutes Ep. 2 - Trepidation (#TTPStories)
Show Details4min 3s
12 Minutes Ep. 1 - Prologue (#TTPStories)
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Perspective - TTP Stories
Show Details24min 52s
The Red Lake (Pt. 2) - TTP Stories
Show Details12min 8s
The Red Lake (Pt. 1) - TTP Stories
Show Details14min 24s
Toxic - Late night thoughts
Show Details3min 5s
L'amore della madre - Mother's Love
Show Details22min 14s
Love Yourself - TTP Stories
Show Details20min 50s
First Impressions (with Spiff)
Show Details30min 23s
The one called Fear - Late night thoughts
Show Details2min 46s
Healing and Dealing with Pain (ft. Halima)
Show Details39min 26s
Story of the gods - TTP Stories
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2020! What a year
Show Details19min 23s
The Big Bang - TTP Stories
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Last Friday Night - TTP Stories
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They got Ellie - TTP Stories
Show Details12min 57s
Monsters you made - TTP Stories
Show Details15min 56s
10 Unspoken Rules - Abuja Along Edition
Show Details21min 59s
A conversation with myselves
Show Details13min 51s
Nigerian Parents Unprovoked (with Moses)
Show Details34min 2s
Abuja Boys in Kogi (With Joe, Rvku & Sunny)
Show Details39min 53s
Police Brutality: Kay's Story - TTP Stories
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Use your Voice - SORO SOKE!!
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Show Details3min 27s
Bants of the Heart (with Bimbo)
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A Week From Hell - Psychology Rant
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An Action Movie Pt. 2 - TTP Stories
Show Details17min 38s
Yesterday - Late night thoughts
Show Details2min 14s
The Straight 45 (pt. 4) - TTP Stories
Show Details25min 33s
The Straight 45 (pt. 3) - TTP Stories
Show Details17min 9s
Creepy Things
Show Details23min 49s
The Straight 45 (pt. 2) - TTP Stories
Show Details17min
The art of the "NO"
Show Details28min 2s
The Straight 45 (Pt. 1) - TTP Stories
Show Details15min 7s
Open Mindedness
Show Details19min 25s
Poor guy Death - Late night thoughts
Show Details2min 9s
Snitches all around
Show Details22min 54s
Adulthood is Scam
Show Details25min 33s
An Action Movie - TTP Stories
Show Details11min 34s
Stereotypically Speaking
Show Details23min 16s
Corona Times (with Bimbo)
Show Details21min 34s
Blooper Beauty - Behind the scenes madness
Show Details6min 24s
My Village People 😈
Show Details29min 44s
The Battles Within
Show Details20min 4s
The Good, the Bad & yo Business
Show Details14min 15s
The Okpara Effect - A vendetta story
Show Details24min 40s
What if I died today - Late night thoughts
Show Details1min 47s
Abuja boy in Lagos
Show Details29min 43s
Confessions of an Uber driver
Show Details37min 8s
Trailer - Welcome Aboard TTP
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