The Lost Episode!

Episode 66
1h 13m | Sep 18, 2023

Back in July, 2023, Ed and Steeven got together to record an episode of The Superman Super Show in which they were going to talk about Action Comics #32.

However, life had other plans.

Due to technical issues and life issues, the two Super Hosts decided, after trying to get through a discussion about the issue, to just give up and talk about other stuff.

Topics include: 80's Hulk comics, 80s/90s X-Men, John Byrne, Super Hero Movies, future movie casting (Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner), Jack Ryan, Harrison Ford, and much, much more!

And so, for the first time (except for the Live YouTube Episode that's out there on the YouTube Channel), The Superman Super Show Lost Episode!

Be warned, because the fellas did discuss Action Comics #32 on Episode 60, you may get a feeling of déjà vu as you're listening to this episode.

Also, the part of the episode when Steeven loses power and it's just Ed, that section is heavily edited for time.


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