Action Comics #31 - In the Grip of Morpheus

Episode 59
1h 12m | Jul 3, 2023

Lois and Clark discover a town where everyone is asleep. Can Superman discover what's behind this mass nap attack?

Find out in today's episode as Ed and Steeven talk about In the Grip of Morpheus the Superman story that appeared in Action Comics #31, published by DC Comics in October, 1940.

Banter includes super heroes who have their super powers taken away, which leads into the announcement that was released at the time of this recording regarding 'Avengers Inc.' by Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk, which lands in September. This leads into a discussion on changing a character in their own book vs alternate versions in another universe.

Oh, and there's a bunch of Conan talk at the end. Which, to be honest, is all Ed's fault. He should know by now that Steeven likes talking about Conan way too much.

Hither Came Conan -


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