Action Comics #29 - The Life Insurance Con

Episode 53
33m | May 15, 2023

Metropolis citizens are dying and Lois Lane suspects that someone is murdering them to collect their life insurance.

Will Lois get to the bottom of this mystery?

Will Clark feign weakness and cowardice and lose even more of Lois's respect.

Will Superman have to come along and save Lois from her own enthusiastic investigation skills?

Find the answers now as Ed and Steeven talk about the the Superman story that appeared in Action Comics 29 from August, 1940: The Life Insurance Con.

But it doesn't stop there!

This week's banter includes a little talk about the Mandalorian, stunt casting, and both the Bad Batch and Clone Wars animated shows.

We also tackle the idea of cussing, which we do, like, a lot, so... yeah...


Mike's Amazing World of Comics

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