The one we've all been waiting for.


    Charlene said it best herself, “There is nothing independent about being an independent stylist” & this week we dissect it all.

    Charlene is a big player within our industry but especially the Australian hair community. If you've been at an event with her you know , SHE IS THE EVENT lol.

    Former creative director of a large Melbourne salon group Charlene is now making her mark on our industry all her own.

    A regular at fashion weeks, competition scenes and having traveled the globe with FAME team Charlene has seen a-lot and is dedicated to sharing her experiences and lessons with her peers and growing the next generation of hairdressers.

    In 2021 Charlene shot her first solo collection. These images allowed her to express to the world what her flavour looks like.

    "I was telling a story with this collection, a story of triumph and enlightenment. I was so proud of myself for the work that I produced and even prouder and just blown away to have won an award with this collection."

    This year also saw the rebirth of Charlenes platform @thehumanhairdresser a resource for self care and education for hairdressers.

    "We need to make changes to how we do things. We must consider balance in our lives and not just submit our life and health to our job like has been glorified in the past. These changes are necessary for the future of our industry. It is how we will attract more youth into our magical and fulfilling craft"

    To hear the full story on these topics and more please enjoy this weeks episode of UN-FOILED with Charlene Fernandez.










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    1h 7m - Oct 4, 2021

    This weeks podcast features the one and only Renya Xydis.

    What an absolute honour is was to sit down with this radiant, talented and iconic woman.

    Her personality is infectious and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through.

    Renya is the creative director of her two beloved salons VALONZ Hair Cutters & SalonX. Aswell as being the first DYSON global ambassador Renya is proud to be the ambassador for WELLA global and MIZUTANI scissors.

    With a career that went boom at 30 after having two children Renya started travelling the world. Throughout the year you can find her working as hair director on runway shows and backstage for fashion week in Paris, Milan, New York and Australia.

    Xydis is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity which has seen her work for over three decades in some of worlds leading publications from the iconic Vanity Fair, Harpers Bizarre and Vogue.

    Renya is known for creating trends. Her ‘can do’ attitude towards hair makes her a natural favourite with her loyal celebrity clientele (Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Cate Blancett, Toni Collette, Simon Baker, Hugh Jackmam, super models Kate MOSS, Christy turlington, Elle McPherson and more)

    Xydis has opened the doors for many as a pioneer within our industry & will continue to help the ones that have the same love, passion and energy that she does.

    This is a must listen episode with the one and only Renya Xydis.






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    1h 8m - Sep 14, 2021

    Every recoding I learn something new, this week was no different.

    I LOVED learning more about the barbering industry and how it is continually evolving.

    This week my guest is Joe Kurdyla, Co- Owner of Kings Domain Barbershop, Saint Domain Barbers & Kings Domain Haircare.

    Joe has been involved in the hair industry for over 15 years, starting his career at Toni & Guy, Bradford, UK. During his time there Joe quickly realised that his passion was in men’s hair and barbering. It has been quite a journey going from working in a $10 barbershop in Bradford to where he is today. 

    Since moving to Australia and joining the team at Kings Domain Joe has not only opened his own shop, he has also been involved in developing / wholesaling the Kings Domain Haircare range and now another venture in a new barber shop, Saint Domain. 

    I loved learning the process of creating the product range, and how the team within the barber shops trialed and tested each product. I saw the value of that and how it would make the team more passionate about retailing a product involved in creating.

    We also spoke about the new Saint Domain barbershops, which is due to launch later this year. Saint Domain will be a more stripped back and streamlined service within the barbering scene and I loved getting the inside scoop.

    For the full story you will have to tune into this weeks episode of UN-FOILED








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    55m - Sep 6, 2021

    I first came across Maria on an instagram live a few months back. I was immediately drawn to her kind and calm energy. The way she spoke about leading her team and the kind of salon owner she was, I knew I needed to hear more.

    Although there are so many incredible accolades in Marias career this episode is heavily focused on the business and relationship side of her journey. 

    Maria Unali is a hairdresser whose proficiency behind the chair is evenly matched by admirable business leadership.  Simultaneously awarded the position of AHFA NSW Hairdresser of the Year and winner of the Hair Expo Salon Design Award in 2017, the Western Sydney born mother of two has established herself as a diversely talented star, amongst clientele and industry peers alike. 

    Despite early concerns that a life outside the metro might dilute her opportunity to create an image-led career path, Unali was determined to shape a future that was based on a wide-eyed vision, a canvas confined only by her infinite imagination.  From inception, her approach was full of gusto and grace spending 5 years as a volunteer session assistant learning from highly skilled and respected international stylists including Sarah Laidlaw, Richard Kavanagh and Alan White. Her name appeared frequently on call sheets for popular fashion brands such as Bec and Bridge, Tony Maticevski and Romance was Born as well as large Advertising projects with Marie Claire, Supre and Mimco. In 2013, whilst working with 3 dimensional hair designs continued to appeal, the then 27 year old turned her focus to photographic work. With countless test shoots scheduled and shot and an inaugural collection under her belt, Unali created Neon Pop, a strong and athletic compilation that caught the eye of British Hairdressing royalty who awarded her AHFA NSW Hairdresser of the Year for 2014.   

    In 2015 Unali’s innate eye for creating beautiful editorial hair and precision cuts was recognised by a cohort of Australia’s top Hairdressers and Media players who selected her to be part of the esteemed Australian FAME Team.  During a 12-month tenure under the Creative Direction of Brett McKinnon (The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community) the young stylist traversed the globe sharing her skill and affection for hairdressing at Hair Expo Australia (Aus), Industry Extracted (NZ) and Salon International (UK).  

    Whilst regularly praised for her work in hair fashion, perhaps the greatest testament to the stylist’s exquisite taste was the 2016 launch of award winning Salon Kiin.   In a venture that took courage, uprooting a deep family anchor in a local shopping centre, the birth of what has been deemed a true lifestyle salon space, demonstrates the intelligent business vein of a once self-confessed insatiable creative. Attributing the success of her new residence to an exhaustive research phase that identified an evolution in her target market and employee DNA, alongside a solid reputation and heritage, initiated by Papa back in 1981, Salon Kiin is a noteworthy symbol of an unwavering vision in the mind of a brilliant artist.  

    2021 saw Marias second salon, a stunning Salon Kaia. Located in Wollongong and designed with decadence in mind, Salon Kaia delivers a feel good hairdressing experience that nurtures your whole self—from the inside out.










    Books for Salon Owners: 

    Dare to Lead by Brene Brown 

    Leaders Eat Last & The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

    No Rules Rule by Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer

    Podcasts for Salon Owners:


    A bit of Optimism by Simon Sinek

    Work life by Adam Grant

    Dare to lead with Brene Brown (Spotify)

    Books for stylists:

    Braving the wilderness by Brene Brown

    Limitless Mind by Jo Boaler

    Atomic Habits by James Clear

    Podcasts for Stylists:

    My Millennial Career

    Kwik Brain

    Smart People Podcast

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    1h 5m - Aug 30, 2021

    This is episode is a continuation of my two part series with Michael Kelly.

    You can also watch all our episodes over on YouTube.

    Connect with us on socials;




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    59m - Aug 23, 2021

    Michael Kelly is an Australian Education Specialist & Hair Colourist who has been taking Australia (if not the world) by storm over the last decade as Australia’s leading colour educator. 

    Originally from a small surf town on the East Coast of Australia, Michael has always held a deep passion for beauty. From an early age, Michael knew he craved to be part of a movement where he could use his creative passions to turn the industry on its head. 

    Micheal is a without a doubt a mover and shaker and has worked with many leading salons not only in Australia but overseas. Throughout our fluid conversation you will be taken on a journey through Michaels career.

    Michael walks us through starting his apprenticeship at Valonz Haircutters to his four years spent at Oscar Oscar Salons. Throughout his career he has worked alongside brands such as Wella and Redken working nationally on large event style education with audiences of 500+ in attendance. 

    Michaels career led him to London to launch Taylor Taylor London's Liberty salon. It was in this time that he entered the world of instagram. Michael quickly built a solid clientel & cult following from the US & Middle East. Clients of diverse ethnicity would fly in from all around the world to have their hair done.

    Boasting tens of thousands of followers across various social platforms, Michael’s expertise is the ability to colour hair to look as if it were lightened by the sun - natural blondes, sun-kissed brunettes and vibrant coppers all signature staples in his portfolio. 

    Upon returning to Australia Michael joined the Edwards&co team as Director of Education . Micheal was apart of building and rolling out a solid infrastructure around Education & Development in what was Australia's most up and coming hair & lifestyle brand.

    Currently Michael is a Freelance Education Specialist & Colourist working out of his own suite within the highly sought after Salon Lane.

    With a career that spans close to two decades, Kelly has attracted the attention of international industry heavyweights across America, Europe and Asia, all front row to see Kelly’s mastery live and up close in sold out workshops. Cool, in control and confident, Michael is the king of engaging a live audience, always adding a little extra to every class with his humble humour and expert knowledge.

    On this episode we speak about his visions of opening his own salon and how the current climate impacted that. We talk financial backers, agents and our opinion on the misconception surrounding freelance artists.

    This two part episode is one you won’t want to miss. Be sure to subscribe to get all the alerts for part ✌🏼 and more available on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube.




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    59m - Aug 16, 2021

    Adam Ciaccia is an internationally renowned, multi award winning Australian hairstylist. He is the Owner & Creative Director of Canberra's Axis Hairdressing. 

    Adam started his career in 1998, a career path that was surprising to those that knew him best. Once exposed to the hairdressing world through a salon coordinator job Adam followed his dream; to be known and respected as a great hairdresser, one who is genuine, approachable and accessible to fellow artists and clients.

    Adam focuses on providing high quality haircutting and customer service for his clients. Now with over 19 years of experience, Adam has created an incredible demand for his services throughout local and national regions in Australia. Adam also has a broad international clientele from New Zealand, South East Asian, India, North America and even Europe thanks to his exposure via YouTube.

    Adams “hairTUBE” platform has over 147K subscribers and has had 2.6M views.

    For the full story be sure to tune into this weeks episode of UN-FOILED





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    1h 3m - Aug 3, 2021

    My guest this week needs no introduction.

    Sharon is one of the most acclaimed hairdressers and educators in the world today. For more than five decades she has been toiling her craft, perfecting her skills and sharing her unrivalled knowledge with thousands of hairdressers from all corners of the globe at workshops, seminars, online and at her highly acclaimed boot camps.

    Rarely has a hairstylist captured the hearts and minds of their students. Testimonials and tales about how Sharon’s education has impacted the lives and careers of hairdressers around the world flood in on a daily basis and her education calendar is booked solidly years in advance - all testament to her unwavering reputation as an outstanding and highly respected educator and mentor.

    Sharon Blain is undoubtedly one of hairdressing’s most recognised and esteemed icons. Respect and longevity set her apart, along with her desire to leave a legacy that continues to ignite passion within the hearts of our future generations for years to come. 

    Sharon is someone I am so proud to call a friend. I am so grateful for this opportunity to document her thoughts and contribute to documenting her legacy.

    It was a privilege to be able to record this weeks episode with the one and only Sharon Blain.




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    1h 14m - Jul 26, 2021

    With 8 thriving salons, 1 killer haircare brand, a cult social media following and an internationally recognised team of educators, Jaye Edwards reps a new breed of entrepreneur, with a razor sharp view on the industry and how to make it work in 2021.

    Pioneering the EdwardsAndCo movement, Jaye’s signature future proof colours and seamless blends inspired a generation of rich-girl hair, saturating instagram feeds all over the world.

    Each of Jaye’s 8 salons house Australia’s most refined hair stylists and makeup artists. Famous for sparkling brunettes, killer curls, creamy blondes and textured beach waves, Jaye and his team have developed a signature look that is synonymous with the E+Co brand, garnering an enviable international following

    Equally as impressive are the salons themselves. Jaye has created instantly recognisable spaces that speak to a generation of creatives. They are raw and minimal in design, with spacious and bright interiors, hidden behind the walls of endlessly chic warehouses.

    With the introduction of EdwardsAndCo Education, plus his own haircare label, Jaye Haircare, Jaye has cemented his spot at the forefront of the industry, with work splashed across pages of Marie Claire and Vogue, and product lining the shelves of beauty giant, Mecca.






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    1h 0m - Jul 19, 2021

    This episode expanded not only my mind but my heart.

    Colour is the reason that Jack Morton is a Hairdresser. With a background in Art and Design and an impressive portfolio of original art pieces to boot, this North London born artist is an authentic inventor, who haphazardly stumbled across hair as a potentially appealing new canvas.

    Toni&Guy was his first atelier and 20 years later and a small jump across the seas to Australia, he still works full time for the brand.

    Comfortably transitioning from salon to stage, Jack was appointed as National Technical Director for TONI&GUY in 2015, touring the country to educate from foundational through to advanced colour techniques. As a true conceptualist, Jack has been engaged by a number of profiled salon teams and individual stylists as a creative catalyst, hosting dynamic workshops for those seeking originality, or wanting to understand how to successfully communicate their own ideation process. 

    Fast forward to 2018 with Jack acquiring 2 more ‘director’ titles. Firstly, as Creative Director for the Australian FAME Team, followed by Creative Director for Wella Professionals ANZ.

    Intelligent and incredibly witty, Jack pushes the boundaries and allows others to take a deeper look not only into their work as a hairstylist but into them selves.

    Anyone who is lucky enough to know Jack knows his incredible capability to connect with people, this episode is no different.




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    1h 9m - Jul 5, 2021

    This week I got to chat with AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR @deeparkerattwood_ 🔥

    As fate would have it I was on Dee’s flight back from Sydney after her big win @aushairindustryawards

    This conversation covered Dee’s journey through the industry and how she worked her way to winning this prestigious title not once but twice.

    Dee is also HBIA (ARA Retailer Association) President

    "I believe in this role, I can really have a voice in the industry. If I help look after the industry, the industry will look after the hairdressers."

    "My sole purpose and passion is to attract young people to the industry"

    When I read this quote in Dee's AHIA submission I knew we would have a connection and lots to share to the youth listening to this episode.

    Tune in now to hear the full story. 

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    55m - Jun 28, 2021

    This weeks guest is one impressive gal!

    As I put together all the content for this week I’m in awe of all she has achieved.

    Rachel has been hairdressing for a total of ten years. In 2018 she became a co owner of Joey Scandizzo salon here in Melbourne.

    Her career in hairdressing has taken her to heights she never thought would be possible. Looking after many high profile clients she has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia’s best within the fashion and hairdressing industry. Such as, Priscilla Presley, Ruby Rose, Steph Clair-Smith, the Veronicas, Effie Kats, Elle Macpherson and more.

    Rachel won AHFA creative colourist of the year in 2015 and 2019, Directing many fashion shows and educating around the world as an education ambassador of ELEVEN Australia.

    Rachel continually aims to grow and evolve as the industry does and calls herself the all rounder, mastering the craft of colour cutting and stylist.

    In 2020 Rachel also put on a new hat as the founder of clothing label proof x bleach proof clothing…


    What can’t she do… this weeks guest is none other than Rachel Vitullo 






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    1h 4m - May 18, 2021

    This weeks guest is Jules Tognini who made my job easy by having a perfect bio already ready to go.

    So here you have it;

    Who is this guy they call Jules Tognini?

    A hair-cutting lad; a locks freestyler, the liver of a lifestyle inspired by the everyday.

    The creator of lil’ off the top; a movement towards simple, an educational

    tilt into new media

    He's a beer-drinking, hug giving, rustic cook. A smile throwing, rip jean wearing surfer dude. Highly creative. Can’t spell. Tells jokes. Sometimes they're funny...

    He's the creator of the shit* haircut. You want to know him, don't you?

    There are a few feathers in the boys cap, but all feather have something in common, they all lead back to hair.

    A hair doer since 2006, pushed into the deep end by his family.

    educating and f*cking loving it for the last 10 years

    Jules created his own hEducation Agency in 2010 to instead of using education to sell product his idea was to use education to sell skills.

    @liloffthetop has been going strong with now 6 of Australia's top hairdressers (even tho 3 of them are geezers) educating & flying the freak flag for the LOTT agency.

    Jules launched joebloe in 2017, a male hair loss prevention product that is pitched at the early loser (20-40’s)

    2018 saw the launch of a crowd favourite, 'the fanny pack" scissor pouch and combs ft. biggie & smalls but the newest venture set to launch in 2020 is LOTT new online education platform, where punters can subscribe to ongoing and weekly updated education programs, tips, interviews, business podcast & live sessions 24/7 in the comfort of there salon or home.

    As if the list wasn’t long enough Jules has also won;

    Educator of the year 2019/18/16/15

    Men hairdresser of the year 2015/14/13

    Photographic collection of the year 2015

    For all the scoop and a good laugh join us this week on UN-FOIELD





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    1h 1m - May 4, 2021

    I’m calling this “ The biggest interview since Harry & Meghan” 😂

    The woman I have adored since the moment I saw her on stage at my first hair show, Sonya Dove. 

    This was an incredible, emotional and full circle moment for me.

    Sonya had me in tears at my first hair show with Behind the Chair in New Orleans. If you have listened to the podcast for a while you’d have heard me share this story.

    I watched her segment and had one of those moments that only happens a few times in a persons life. In that moment the penny dropped.

    At the time I didn’t know there was much more to our industry than being in the salon, but seeing Sonya on stage at this massive event I knew it was where I was meant to be.

    This week on the podcast I learnt that show not only changed my career path but also hers.

    From the moment we said hello the conversation flowed, I seriously could have talked to her forever.

    Although all episodes are available in both audio and video I highly recommend watching this one on Youtube. Watching it back I felt so full and so grateful.

    I hope you will feel as inspired as I did by this incredible woman this week on @un_foiled. 





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    1h 23m - Apr 27, 2021

    Carlas passion is apparent from the moment you meet her. 

    “Coming from little Adelaide, I realised at the age of 21 that I had a need inside me for more. So off I flew to London, where I quickly learned about the hairdressing industry and what different paths you could go down. This experience presented me with both road blocks and blessings. I now realise that even the road blocks were blessings.

    Throughout my career I've been inspired to grow my knowledge and use my loud personality to my advantage. London opened doors to me through my constant grind for education, and I found myself quickly getting to learn with brands like Redken & Wella. I took these lessons back to the salon and changed the way I consulted and formulated, which for me, was a game changer. “

    Carla has never been one to be satisfied just being behind the chair (even though she loved colour changes and a great naughty chat with clients). She needed more, so she stepped into management, which created endless opportunity to broaden her skills. After a profitable year managing a very successful London salon, in 2018, Carla received the title of UK and Ireland Manager of the Year.

    Carla is now back in Australia and making waves in the hair community by following her passion and launching a freelance education platform, Roots Society.

    She takes us through her journey this week on The Successful Stylist, UN-FOILED




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    1h 2m - Apr 20, 2021

    Where my freelance artists at? This episode is for you!

    This woman is a power house, so kind and an absolute dark horse. I had no idea she had so many accolades under her belt.

    Kitty has been hairdressing for 18 years since 2003 and based most of her career in Sydney’s eclectic Newtown. She always loved painting so was drawn immediately to colour.

    “After I finished my apprenticeship I saved my pennies and travelled to LA to do a creative colour course at Vidal Sassoon which changed the whole way I approach colour and still influences the way I do colour today. I then travelled to San Francisco and worked at Diva International and mentored by Diva Poulos, Artistic International Team member for Sebastian Professional 

    As an apprentice I assisted Mark Hayes and the UK Sassoon Team at Hair Expo. I was a finalist for Wella Trend Vision and more recently for Labiosthetique Colour Lab 2017. I have also been fortunate to assist Kevin Murphy on numerous Melbourne and Sydney fashion weeks and Hair Expo GenNext.

    I worked at Head over Heels, Newtown for 16 years and was the colour director there for 10 years. I was mentored by Nathan Gorman, Head Master for Kevin Murphy, who I owe a lot of my success to. Working in Newtown for so many years allowed me to become an expert in a diverse range of colours from pastels and rainbows to the more natural blondes and balayage. During that time I was scouted by Labiosthetique (2018) to become their balayage educator where I flourished and found a new love for mentoring. “

    In 2019 Kitty took a leap of faith and started freelancing at Usfin Atelier. 2 months after she opened her business, COVID lockdown happened in Sydney. Opening a business is hard enough but during a pandemic came with its own struggles emotionally and financially.

    This week we talk all about Kittys journey through the industry, the challenging times that 2020 brought for a new business owner and all the tips she learnt along the way

    As someone who as recently gone freelance this episode packed a punch. I learned so much and appreciated Kittys raw and real conversation about her journey. 

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    57m - Apr 12, 2021

    It was my absolute honour to sit down this week with the one and only Sam Villa, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken

    Sam was an open book and shared his journey through the industry with me. We spoke about the hair show that changed his life as well as the one he wasn't so proud of. 

    Sam is changing the industry, one hairdresser at a time. Whether teaching face-to-face in small hands-on classes, on main stage, or reaching his millions of social media followers. Sam’s talents stretch far beyond his brilliant cutting and finishing skills; he has a plethora of business skills that encourage stylists to think about how they speak to their guests to add value behind the chair.

    He is a true messenger sharing his knowledge with stylists in hopes that they too will share with others to enrich the industry…for which he was named the 2020 International Hair Influencer of the Year at the International Hairdressing Awards.

    Sam is such a character has the most genuine and infectious personality. I couldn't get enough out of our conversation.




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    1h 2m - Apr 5, 2021

    WE ARE BACK ! … And hopefully better than ever 😂

    When I started editing the second season of UN-FOILED I knew there was no one better for the premier episode than Mrs. Tayor Logan.

    My mission with this podcast has always been to crush the stigma around hairdressing and prove that we are so much more than “just hairdressers”

    Taylor is the epitome of what I am trying to prove.

    At 19, Taylor gave up a Presidential scholarship at Mercer University to pursue her dreams as a hairdresser.

    She trained under and assisted the renowned Candy Shaw for a year and half before getting onto the floor at Jamison Shaw Hairdressers and establishing her own clientele.

    Taylor has now been the top producer at Jamison Shaw, a 50 chair salon, for the last 3 years. She has also received the title of “Most Focused Employee” and recently earned “MVP Employee” in 2020 among her peers.

    She has been traveling with Sunlights balayage, nationally and internationally, teaching students at hair shows in the classroom, in the booth, and on stage. Her passion for education has led her to train assistants at Jamison Shaw for over 4 years, all while juggling a double book (taking two or more clients at a time) in the salon.


    Did you even know that was possible !?

    Its an episode you will have to hear to believe this week on the season premiere of Successful Stylist, UN-FOILED.

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    59m - Mar 29, 2021

    This week on the season finale of The Successful Stylist, UN-FOILED I sit down with the one.. the only... MR. FRANK GAMBUZZA! We're going out with a bang on this one;

    Frank's beauty career started different to most and now spans more than 48 years. Frank began his career as a shoeshine boy in a New Jersey barber shop, it was here that he fell in love the with atmosphere of our industry. Frank went on to study at the Vidal Sassoon Academie and the Jingles Schools of Advanced Training in London. Frank and his wife, Belinda, started Salon Visage in 1986, which has grown into a nationally recognised company with 170 employees spread across six unique brands. Gambuzza’s Barbershop has been voted Best Barbershop in America multiple times, and serving more than 600 clients per day in Knoxville, Tennessee. Frank has been recognised by Self magazine as one of the top 20 hairdressers in America, he is the former President and Vice-President of the exclusive Intercoiffure American/Canada organisation based in Paris and has served on its board for over 25 years. He is also a partner and board member of the Summit Salon Business Center, he is highly a sought after speaker and co-founded the Strictly Business series of seminars.


    This episode is so packed with information my head nearly exploded. I laughed, I cried, I got goosebumps and I hope you will too.





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    56m - Jan 5, 2021
  • 15. TOM SMITH

    This episode is filled with all the good vibes ! I felt so relaxed, and inspired after this chat. Toms calm energy is infections and I loved hearing his journey

    Tom began his career at the world famous Vidal Sassoon salons in London. He has a passion hair and creating a total bespoke look, utilising his skills in precision cutting (including curly and textured hair), colouring, styling, extensions and more. He prides himself in taking a holistic approach, and his ability to create a cohesive, sophisticated look designed to maximise his clients hair to its greatest potential.

    Tom is sought-after worldwide for his personalised and specialist approach and often travels across the globe for high profile clients and product companies alike.

    Tom’s passion for education ensures he remains at the forefront of trends and technological developments and is in a position to pass on his findings to individuals and companies alike.

    Tom is experienced in working as part of an research and development team, conceptualising, testing, and developing haircare, colouring and styling products. He is currently a Global Ambassador for Evo Haircare, which takes him from London to Sydney and many places between. He has been an integral part of further developing their product offerings since 2018. 

    He was also one of the first hairstylists in the UK to use Olaplex from 2014 and worked with the UK distributor on the official launch including creating educational material and performing at workshops, conventions and seminars since its launch in 2015. Tom continues to be an Ambassador for the brand.

    Tom also has a passion for the beauty industry as a whole and is interested in skincare, cosmetics and aesthetic treatments, products and services and has a valuable perspective as a specialist in his field.




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    54m - Dec 21, 2020
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