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The Stuff of Nightmares Podcast

True stories of Paranormal, Bigfoot, Cryptids, True crime, and anything else that keeps you up at night, told by the people that had the experience! Some have chosen t remain anonymous, or did not want to be on the podcast, so we will read theirs for them.


With Friends Like This / Christopher's British Columbia Experiences
Show Details1hr 9min
T.S.O.N. Presents: The Side Show Ep.2- Human heads, just for kicks, The murderous mutt, and That parrot, the snitch!
Show Details25min 33s
Alaskan Anomalies
Show Details1hr 14min
The Side Show: Makin it rain!!
Show Details21min 27s
The Stuff of Nightmares Podcast Presents: The Side Show PROMO
Show Details1min 20s
Fresh Meat / Listener encounters
Show Details1hr 15min
Special guest Author Sanjay Singhal
Show Details1hr 25min
Carnival of Fear
Show Details43min 23s
New Mexico Experiences
Show Details1hr 25min
Hungry For Blood
Show Details35min 17s
Christmas 2020 Special Episode Take 2
Show Details49min 50s
When kids go bad
Show Details48min 32s
Ripper Crew
Show Details46min 51s
Respect Your Elders!
Show Details37min 49s
Listener Experience Halloween Special
Show Details1hr 18min
One Bad Mother!
Show Details34min 20s
Blame it on Fantasy
Show Details32min 46s
The Stuff of Nightmares Podcast
Show Details19min 50s